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Few of you guys may know of a game that goes by: Ayakashi Ghost Guild! Unfortunately this famous game was shut down by Zenga about a year and a half ago. This happening caused many fans to lose their experience, money & one of their most favorite games. Luckily the original creators of Ayakashi ghost guild came out with this new game called: Otogi Secret Spirit Agents!! This game is extremely fun and is very similar to Ayakashi!

Read below for more info!!

Now as some of you know Ayakashi had original art (similar to anime art) and had a story line you could keep up with!


All art above from Ayakashi ) On Ayakashi you could also make friends, chat ,battle and collect rare cards that were extremely powerful!!

Otogi is the same thing!!

(Art above from Otogi)

On Otiogi you can collect rare and powerful cards, battle, talk to friends and make friends! It also has a story line to follow!!

Due to it being made by the original creators as a replacement for Ayakashi there's not many differences! It's like playing that old game you once loved!!

Otogi has been released world wide and offers many different languages!! All of the cards and characters will have voice actors as well!!

Are you interested in joining?? The apps free and fun!! It requires Internet but nothing else! Never played the game before?? I hope you like it!! An ex member of Ayakashi? You'll love it!! Are you already playing it??