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Shokugeki no Souma
Omg omg omg. NOW what am I supposed to watch now that the season is over?!
Does anyone have any recommendations?
I don't know what I could watch in my free time. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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xD Il this sounds stupid but did you watch Both Seasons 😊 some people dont know that there is sometimes so I just wanted to make sure lol
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Oh yeah I sure did watch both seasons.
a year ago
im in the same boat! :( just finished this and servamp and now i have no idea what to watch..any surgestions for me too?
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awesome anime but ..the.thing is i don't like.those.big breasts..and.those.awkward moments when.they.taste.his.diah
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Lol yeah the foodgasm scenes are a little extra, but they've calmed down considerably from the first season.
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