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The clock struck midnight. He whispered into the dark, telling me his secrets, his voice so light and sweet
Seoul. Investigator Choi received a message that Junmyeon was seen at the scene of the crime, reported by the brother of the deceased victim. A description of the car was transmitted to every cop on patrol in the area they were last seen. Choi had a feeling they were closing in on them. Him and officer Kim went to the house to check things out. When they arrived, an officer was standing outside with the victim's brother. "Park Min Woon-ssi, I just need to get a few things straight..." The officer was saying when the investigator walked up to the house. "I told you, I don't know how he got in or how long he was in the house before he attacked me. I was getting ready for bed and he kicked the door open!" He said sounding annoyed, "You should be trying to catch this guy, not here asking all these damn questions!" "Everything is being done as much as possible." Choi said stepping into the conversation, relieving the officer, "Now that we know they're in a different vehicle." "And I told that officer they went in that direction." He pointed down the road. Choi looked in the direction he pointed. He read the officers notes, "Do you think that maybe he had a key? Why would he come back here, were there any personal articles that he might have left behind?" Park Min Woon shook his head no. "Is there anyone else here with you?" Park Min Woon shook his head no again. "Have you noticed anything missing?" "I haven't noticed anything missing." He answered after thinking for a second. Investigator Choi figured there had to be something here for Junmyeon to come back for, he observed Min Woon. He looked nervous, like he was hiding something. "Would you mind if we take a look around? Just to take a quick look around, just to get a better picture of how he might have gotten in." Min Woon hesitated, "Go on ahead. I doubt you'll find anything." He moved aside, allowing the three officers to enter the house. Choi told the officer to take some photos if he seen anything out of place, and for Kim to look up stairs. Park Min Woon followed officer Kim, explaining what had happened when he was attacked. Choi went into the living room. He looked up and down, along the windows, checking to see if any of them were open or had been forced open. Nothing. He looked around the room, taking note of the photos everywhere. The large family portrait caught his eye. He seen the deceased girl, Park Areum, sitting next to an older couple, probably her parents. He thought nothing unusual. The more he observed, he felt there was something missing but couldn't put his finger on it. Just as he was going to leave the room, hearing officer Kim and MinWoon coming back down, he seen something at the corner of his eye. He looked down at the coffee table and seen an empty photo frame with the back cover lying on the floor. "I hope you catch him, I don't think I can live looking over my shoulder." MinWoon commented. "I really don't know what brought him back here." He walked all three of the officers out the door and thanked them for coming. Officer Choi handed him his business card, telling Park Min Woon to call him directly if anything else happens. "It's getting late, let's head back and finish up for the day and get some rest. I doubt they'll be caught anytime soon." Choi said as they got into their vehicle, "I really want to know why he came here." "With the police report having been made public, maybe he wanted to talk to him, coerce him to keep his mouth shut." Officer Kim said. Choi slammed the steering wheel, "Damn! That damn report! Don't remind me about that... you could be right, but his personality don't seem the type to go around bullying people." They hadn't driven far when they were contacted on the police radio, "This is officer Kim, what do you have?" "The vehicle you've been looking for, has been spotted at a gas station. Officer is waiting for instructions." The dispatcher relayed. "Do not let them out their sight. Do not approach them until we get there. What's the address?" The dispatcher gave the street. Officer Kim typed it into the navigator, "It's not far from here." Officer Choi stepped on gas.