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Y/N POV "What's his problem?" I asked my self as namjoon looked at me with a smirk on his face, more importantly who's that girl, has he always had a girlfriend and I didn't knew about it. As i was wondering all this things, I felt someone back hug me, I was ready to punch whoever it was, but when I turned around I was relieved it was myungsoo and not some word pert. "What took you do long?" I asked while pinching his cheeks "To look this good in this uniform I need to take my time" he answer You laugh at his remark. I felt someone digging holes on my back so I turned around and it was namjoon glaring at us. No way could it be, was he jealous?
Myungsoo POV As i was making my way to the gym, I saw y/n staring at non other than namjoon. He was letting another girl hug him and hang on him. It seem like he was trying to make y/n jealous for some reason. I don't understand what she sees in him, if you ask me he seems like a really rude person. I called her name but she couldn't stop staring at them, so I had to do something that would get her attention. I gave her a back hug and she almost slap me! As soon as she saw it was me she gave her smile that smile that can light up any ones world, the smile I love. While we waited for the teacher I kept her is front of me while I hug her, and I notice that someone wasn't to happy about it. Was namjoon jealous? Well this is going to be fun.
Namjoon's POV It's that guy again why is she always with him? Are they going out, maybe that's the reason why she doesn't want to get engaged. And I thought she had feelings for me all this time i might act like I never notice her but I've seen that she gets all nervous and shy even ever I get to close to her that she even loses the ability to speak. I think that's cute, it makes her seem innocent. But who is this guy can he like get away from her.
During class: The teachers had pared everyone in groups, and your bad luck had to show up today, you were paired up with namjoon, for the stretching routine. It was awfully awkward between you too, but than he broke the silence to bring up something you really didn't wanted to talk about. "So umm y/n have you thought about it?" He asked "Well I did,but I don't think it's right,at all" "What do you mean?" He asked you with a curious look. " I mean getting married without having any feelings for the other person" you answer him. "Well how do you know I don't have any feelings for you?" He asked while looking at you straight in the eyes. "What?" "I said..." He was cut off by the teacher announcing the new teams. "Just think about it one more time okay" Namjoon's said before living too find his new team. After that you were pretty far away from him to ask him what exactly did he meant by what he said. The rest of the class went by fast and of course by the teacher yelling at you to concentrate. But it came to an end and it was time to change and continue with your day.
Y/N POV Was namjoon about to confess?! What's going on was he? Does he have feelings for me? No way I mean he has never looked at me direction until now, he was just trying to use that to get me to agree yes that's it! But why would he do that? But maybe just maybe he might have feelings for me. "Y/N!" I was brought back into reality by a mad myungsoo. "What is it?" I asked him "You know, the teacher just put us both in charge of the gym cleaning" he said with a pout on his face. "And you are mad because?" I asked "Because I don't want to do it and I could me doing better thing things like finding my self a girlfriend" he said while pushing you through the packed hall ways. "A girlfriend? What happen to the one you had?" I asked him as he guided me to the class. "Well I found out she was having another relationship with two other guys, how dirty is that, so I just told her I don't date nasty hoes" I laugh at his comment he sure didn't play around the bush. "So I guess my precious y/n was right all this time" I looked at him a bit confused, but than I remember I had told myungsoo his girl was bad news, but he didn't believe me, we even got into a huge fight because of that. "Guess I was, anyways about the cleaning thing, I don't want to do it either" I said "Well we can pretend to have a really important dinner with our parents" myungsoo said with a wicked smile on his face. "We could but you know the teacher will call our parents" "Ummmm...." Myungsoo pretend to think. "How about we just clean it fast, and afterwards I'll take you out on a date"you said while you hold his hand. "Deal but you have to buy me dinner first cause I don't go on dates with an empty stomach" he said while putting your hand on his chest. "Fine" I said rolling my eyes "Also you have to official ask me if I want to go on a date with you" he said with a smirk. "Oh myungsoo my myungsoo will you give me the honor to go on a date with me?" You said sarcastically. "Yes my pretty y/n" he said while pulling you into a hug.
The hug was interrupted by someone clearing their throat. When you turned around, that person was no other than Namjoon. He was digging holes into you,with his glare. And it look like he wanted to punch myungsoo that was still hugging you. "Can I speak to you?" Namjoon said "Sure, what's up" myungsoo answer "Not you, y/n can I speak to private" Namjoon said more annoyed than the first time he spoke. "Uh,sure" you answer while getting away from myungsoo and following a Namjoon that was already half way into the hall. "Hey can you slow down, and where are we going?" You asked trying to catch up to him, he than went inside an empty class room. "Let's do it" Namjoon said just as you where getting inside the class. "What?!" You ask "I said lets do it" "Do what?" "The engagement thing, let's do it" "Are you serious?!....wait are you sick or something?" You asked confused. "No I'm not sick, and no I'm not drunk" he answer back, " I have my reasons to do this, plus I've taught about and it looks like it would be fun" he said with a smirk. "Fine let's do it, let's get married" you answer back with a smirk.
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