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“I’m open to making my relationship public. If I meet someone new I want that person to be someone who I can introduce to my (late) father with confidence.” Said Our Yoochun breaking my heart, with a reality check, YES HE'S A MAN WHO WILL EVENTUALLY DATE AND MARRY ANOTHER...WOMAN! “As the very basic I like a woman who can be good to my mother. I want someone who I can call ‘My woman’ with confidence. Also, if that person is loved by others and if she’s someone that people would be very happy that I’d marry then it’d perfect. When we get married I want her to spend the money I bring home wisely. I would like her to be sensible and good.” Aww..What a Good Boy! Yoochun finally confessed that it had been about 3 to 4 years since the last time he was in a relationship. You deserve all the Love in the World. And HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY.
You deserve to be happy and loved. I am sure there are a zillion women fans that feel they meet the criteria to be your Crown Princess.
Yes, yes! I can do everything that you mentioned! XP
rooftop prince