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Hi everyone. Zi-Mon here.

unfortunately, this Will be the Very last Zico Sunday. I'm Really Gonna miss Being Moderator of This Community. I know I haven't Been the Best at what I do. I've tried to Post more, but Life started getting in the way. Maybe Next Quarter if Life isn't So Busy, I can try again. I'm sorry I couldn't Be the Moderator I wanted to be. Hopefully Next time, when Things get settled, I can Be that Moderator I dreamed of being. Until then. Here's My Last Zico Spam for you Guys.

I also Want to Thank each and Every one of My Honey B squad for all of their Help!
Honey B Mod Squad:
Honey B Taglist:
Let us know if you would like to be added to the Honey B Taglist
Let me know if you would like to be added to my Block-B taglist
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I still can't believe its the last week of the quarter. I hope you get to be moderator for the next quarter. ☺
I know. Time has gone by too fast. Thank you! I hope so too. I've really Enjoyed it. 🤗