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Dude.... so this is a continuation of Hyungwon's story. This oath. Oh Gosh I got the chills. Hyungwon </3.


NOTE: Translation is only from 0:18 to the end.
I had a beautiful dream and at the end of that dream we met again.

Watch the video here for the full experience!

Scary because I just woke up from a dream of Monsta X and to see this video and see Hyunwon dying or in the verge of death makes me feel some type of way.
I just saw this on YouTube but it wasn't sub yet so didn't understand what he was saying. thanks for translation
You're welcome!! ☺
Dude!! I had a dream of BTS one night and then right when I woke up I saw that BTS had released the Wings short film: Begin. So I know how you feel 😨
yessss exactly!!! It's like we have special powers lol