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Self-belief is very related to HOPE; It is very easy to blur the wall between hopeful thinking and irrational thinking. Much like all other matter in life, there is a flip side of this coin. Hopeful thinking takes optimism, and a positive aura about oneself will ALWAYS breed good outcomes, it is usually up to oneself to draw the conclusion accordingly. The same can be said about self belief; If one doesn't visualize oneself conquering the obstacle ahead, it is often unlikely that he will If one can visualize himself doing so, however, it is often likely that he will There is also such a thing as too much self belief, which can also be termed as arrogance. There is, also, such a thing as little or no self belief, and many of today's people struggle with this. It is important for me to end with an extension of appreciation towards Louis Pasteur: - Fortune favors the prepared mind.