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The air was cool and felt crisped.. you could almost feel the winter air. I looked over the edge and notice the long drop to the bottem, nothing but concrete. I looked back up and viewed the city, Seoul was beautiful at night, you could probably tell that everyone was home or out partying. Who knows. I feel as if I should tell you my story, up to this point where I'm standing over a ledge of a building. too fucking scared to commit and jump already. I also feel like maybe he'll find me and tell me not to do it. I doubt it though, *sighs* I just don't want to do this anymore, i have no regrets if I do. maybe just one. I'll tell you. I'll tell you from the beginning, with my best friends, to loathing, to falling in love, getting heartbroken by the guy you wanted to spend your every breath.. to the self loathing, then to this point. I have his words repeating in my head as I sit on this ledge writing in my journal one last time. His words, circling around my head.... "Have you ever really danced on the edge?" But yet something is still scarring me, maybe my count to three is up.
well here it is loves. intro Chapter :) please look forward to the next few chapters. I'll have the first chapter up soon. Read the Summary and Characters My Fam: @EmilyPeacock <--- My Luhan @RochelleRose @evieevelyn @UkissMeKevin @BBxGD @BiasKpop Tags: @KristinaCaron @Anime4life20 @JessicaEvaristo My List is small but If you like to be tagged in this series let me know in the comments or you can follow the card collection here.
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Hi can I ask you what is this story going to be about..and who are the characters?..😆
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