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*Phone Rings* "Ugh!!!..."Yo!" "Nana are you still in bed?" "No...." "Youre a liar! We said to be up and ready" "Chan, what makes you think Im still going to be up at 12 in the afternoon" "Nari, seriously! -laughs- Get your butt up, were going to the beach today remember!" "How can I forget Chan?" "Well, get ready me and Jongdae are going to be there in 20 mins" "20 mins? Chan you do realize that we live next door to each other right?" "Yea, I know I got to go pick up Jongdae "Kay, Ill be ready" "Dont be going back to sleep either!" "Yes mom." -laughs- "See you soon" These boys are going to be the death of me. I thought to myself getting out of bed. "Where did I put my bag" i seriously need to stop talking to myself "Dad!" I yelled out my door "Yea?" He answered "Have you seen my beach bag?" I asked "Laundry room" "Thanks." I dashed down the stairs and grabbed my bag "Going somewhere?" He asked smiling "With the guys, going to the beach" I said "Okay sweetie" He said as he continued reading his paper. I ran upstairs to grab my clothes and got changed. "There" I said to myself, I was stuffing my towel, umbrella, and a book into my bag when my dad called "Nari, Chanyeol and Jongdae are here" after that I heard footsteps run up the stairs, as Chanyeol busted through my door. "Hey Nana, ready?" He asked as I nodded, "Lets go!" I said Jongdae grabbed my bag, as I grabbed my phone and iPod off my desk. "Oh, hey we have a surprise for you." Jongdae said walking down the stairs "You kids be good and have fun" My dad said "We well Mr. Park" Chanyeol said I smiled and kissed my dads cheek "Dont be out too late" He said laughing "You know I wont pop" I said and followed the boys out the door. "Whats the surprise Mr. Kim?" I asked Jongdae as we got into Chanyeols car "Youll have to wait and see Ms. Park" He back shot at me. I plugged in my phone as we started off to the beach. As we got there we started unloading out stuff and walked to our usual spot, Jongdae sat down the cooler and pulled out the goodies and handing me a drink. "Thanks" I said sitting down on my towel. "Jongdae! Chanyeol!" I heard someone yell, we all looked in the same direction to see three guys walking towards us. "Hey!" Jongdae said getting up. I looked to Chanyeol. "Whos that?" I asked He just smiled, as they got closer Hey this is our best friend Nari Jongdae said making me get up "Hey, Im Junmyeon" He said bowing towards me, I smiled "You can call me Suho" He said to me. "Nice to meet you" I said "This is Yixing, Baekhyun and Sehun" he said introducing the other two people I smiled "Nice to meet you guys, Im Nari" I said to them "Did you tell her Chan?" Jongdae asked he just shook his head "Tell me what?" I asked looking at them "Remember when we said we were going to go see about the house?" He said I nodded, "Well, you guys are going to be our new roommates" Junmeyon finished "Really? Guys! This is so awesome" I said smiling at Junmeyon, "You are a lifesaver for us!" I said as we all sat down so we can all get to know each other "Hey no problem, I have a big house so theres us plus 7 more guys if you dont mind it, but youll have your own room" He answered I nodded. "Wait, 7 guys? Are they pretty cool?" I asked Chanyeol laughed at me. Hey, Im just asking. I said shrugging Junmeyon laughed "Its okay, Im sure we can all get along." Yixing said. I looked to Baekhyun, and he didnt really say much that whole time but it was kind of weird to me. - "Yea, but whose idea was it to run in the mall like a crazy person" I said laughing at Chanyeols story about our senior year in high school. "Hey! I tried not to do it, but you and Jongdae hyung were making bets" He retaliated, we all laughed, we were all getting along . I think I made some good friends, while the boys were in the water me and Yixing were talking we have almost everything in common, so I could tell we were going to be good friends "Hey Yixing, ready to go home?" Junmyeon asked as the rest of the boys came up "Yea, sure, it was nice meeting and talking with you Nana." he said getting up, "me too" I said smiling "Oh, hey I almost forgot, we are having a party tomorrow night, you should come, you'll meet the rest of the guys" He said "Cool, Ill hop on with Chanyeol" I said he smiled "Okay, see you guys tomorrow!" he said, as He, Junmyeon and Baekhyun walked off. "Im so happy you guys!" I said hugging them "Were excited" Jongdae said. I smiled "Whats the deal with Baekhyun?" I asked. We were sitting at our favorite cafe that we used to come to when we were in high school "I dont know why hes acting that way, he was really cool when we went over to the house, and he talks a lot" Chan said taking a drink of his coffee. "hmmm" I thought maybe he doesnt like me. Oh well, I dont care if he does or doesnt. "So party tomorrow, did you want to go Nana?" Jongdae asked I nodded, "Yea" I said downing the rest of my coffee. "Hey you guy want to stay over? We could watch movies all night" I said "Yea, Im picking the movies though" Chanyeol said "No fucking Dramas either Yolie" Jongdae said "Whats wrong with Dramas?" I asked "Nothing" Jongdae said, he stayed quiet cause he knew he was going to lose this argument. When we got back to my house I noticed that dads car was gone. "Dad left to work already" I said letting the guys in, my dad loved Chanyeol and Jongdae they were like the sons he never had, also my dad doesnt mind the guys being here, especially at night, he works as an EMT so he does the night shift. "Hey I grabbed the blankets and threw them in your room Nana!" Chan said yelling down the stairs "Okay" I yelled back. I went upstairs with a lot of soda and popcorn. "I ordered pizza so it should be here soon" I said Jongdae threw his fist in the air "Yes!" we all laughed. "Lets get our movie on" Chanyeol said smiling. "I cant believe we are going to be living on our own and going to be in college you guys!" I said plopping onto my bed. They agreed then the doorbell rang. "I got it!" Jongdae jumped up and ran out of the room with me and Channie laughing. After we got settled with pizza, Chan stopped us. "To, getting a place for us, and having such awesome friends, I love you guys." Chan said, I smiled and grabbed them both. "I couldnt ask for better friends than you two nuts" I said they laughed as we settled down to watch our movies. We all stayed up, well tried to, we all past out after stuffing our faces, and being exhausted from the sun earlier.
We just all fell asleep, Jongdae passed out on my floor, with Chanyeol, both fell asleep on my stuffed turtle and on my beanbag chair. I slowly fell asleep on my bed, with only one thing, well more like one person on my mind. Baekhyun.
Chapter One is here! lol Ive had it done for awhile but I wanted to get it put up right away soooooo yea :D You can read: Intro Summary and Characters My Fam: @EmilyPeacock ---- My Luhan @RochelleRose @evieevlyn @UKissMeKevin @BBxGD @BiasKpop Tags: @KristinaCaron @Anime4life20 @JessicaEvaristo @mrsax2018 @Tae4everyoung its a small list but if you like to be tagged let me know in the comments :D
@selfishmachines this was good can't wait for the next one
Nice!!!!I seriously can't wait for the next one...πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
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