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Relish in this Release
Is anyone else super proud of Hobi right now? Because I am SO proud of him! A while back when BTS were answering questions on post-it, someone asked what is you dream. To this Hobi replied, "Intro, I want to have the intro for our next album."
Can I just say, he got his intro.


I am so proud! Like motherly PROUD that all this time he has been waiting and waiting for his chance, and it's finally here.

Where are all my J-Hope stans at?

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I second that because jimin covers all the qualifications for the position lol I'm so proud of my hope my angel 。^‿^。 he has come so far and he's proving all those haters wrong I'm so proud J-hope fighting 😍🙏💪✊
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well you know I Stan jhope lol
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so proud of him and he really did out do himself
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Oh my god his solo gave me life!!! I'm now being so bias wrecked by him and I don't even care!! This man is just so amazing and hilarious!! Why doesn't everybody stan him!?!
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