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Hello Vinglers! Wanting to learn Japanese but don't have the resources? I got your back!
First of all, Hiragana is basic characters. They change in order to give different meanings. (see first picture) So. Let's learn five of the basics today, shall we? (ignore the directional arrows for the final picture when writing them)
This one is a, pronounced ah. Each character has a specific stroke pattern. This one is the long line first, the short horizontal line which creates the T. Then your last line.
I, Pronounced as ee.
u, pronounced as oo.
e, pronounced as eh. How I remember this one is I say 'I like coffeh'
o, pronounced as oh.
There's the first five!! Congratulations! Study these however you wish, An app, flash cards, writing them over and over, etc. Just remember, this is a hard language to learn. English is the hardest language so you're smart! You can learn this easy! I believe in you!