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So I haven't been posting nothing lately for how busy I been these days. And I just finish this new anime movie call "Your name" or so as "kimi no na wa"..Which it took me a while to search. This new anime movie (2016), is so a anime that can make you cry and laugh. Well some parts are really funny and some are parts I just love. (^v^)
It made not have English sub for this trailer since for some reason I couldn't fine one (^~^) but it can at least let you get a little interested about it for those who didn't know.
"Miyamizu Mitsuha" "Tachibana Taki" Well that is all there is I can say (≧∇≦)/ I hope that you enjoy this movie, for those who watched this. kimi no na wa :)
I know this post is a couple months old but I just finally watched it and oh my god this movie took a piece of my heart with it when it finished. I laughed and cried then laughed some more and the cried again.
Just watched this movie last night too, was soo good!! Loved every minute of it!