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Hi everyone!

"How are you all? "

I'm okay… Okay as I can be and seem. I'm struggling with stress…anxiety….schedule…work…LIFE LOL XP
I'm dealing with a lot right now, but that won't stop me! I SMILES!
So todays care is describing yourself in 3 idols, this was someones challenge that i momentarily forgot who's, but I know this person is in my tag list. Lol sorry for getting that you made the card lol.


lets get started…dan dan daaaan


GOT7- Jackson

Im goofy at times like him, affectionate, caring, loving toward my parents, I love them dearly. I iz a good daughter, at least they tell me I am and strangers…idk … I care for others safety and health, I'm too nice. Like Jackson, I always seems happy and smiling but I too have hard times. Many say I look and seem like a puppy. -\(o_o)/- idk
I'm cute, wild, and not sexy…HAHA `X} I'll leave the smexiness to wang puppy.


BTS - Suga

Like Suga, I play the piano…will keyboard and I'm learning to play lol. I also want to produce music. I love to sleep and can sleep anywhere and everywhere, no joke. (standing, sitting, laying, walking.) But I also work hard and then become a grandma afterwards. X] and I'm only 20 … and you see that sweet smile?
Well others, now this is what others tell me not what I think, say I have a sweet smile. And I try to have swag, but I fail at times…



Alien like. We from the same planet. I'm called an alien by my family and friends, sometimes strangers too. X} I have my own language too! The Yvette language. I talk and act with myself and I tend to make faces. I'm my own meme… idk how to feel about that. I get a blank expression often also… o_o
I act and make the exact faces they do and most of the time think, say and do same as them that it freaks me out. Oi…Do butterflies smile?
I am a Lazy, Alien, Puppy!!! (^_^)
What are you??

Until next time!

~Alpha Alien out!!

…Wait!…what if I dreamt all this and so did you?? (0.o)

TAGS: My Pack

(IF You wish to be tag/untag please let me know, thank you! ^^)
you picked pictures that literally killed me
haha XD Sweet! Thats good for me lol
Your kinda like me ❤️❤️
Hehe really? Cool ^^