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I can't believe I'm bringing this back but I miss providing you guys with the recent Kpop news. So here it is. Every Sunday I will provide news that have occured during the week! I will also be showing the MVs/teasers that have been released this week!
OK!! No more talking, lets get to these news!

SMROOKIES Introduces Two New Female Trainees:

SM's predebut group has released two pictures of new female trainees. It was released on their official social media accounts. The first member being, Ningning, who is only 13 yrs. old, from Harbin, China.
The second member revealed is Yiyang(love that name), who is 19 yrs. old. She is from Sichuan, China.
SMROOKIES have been recently debuting their boy trainees in the group NCT. The first group of trainees that debuted through SMROOKIES were Red Velvet.
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Lee Min Ho's Agency Addresses Dating Rumors With Taylor Swift:

I had to review this, I'm sorry xD..
So this story had me dying..Rumors were being spread about Lee Min Ho possibly dating Taylor Swift. It started after Taylor's split with the actor Tom Hiddleston. An article from Inquisitr discussed Taylor Swift being paired up with Lee Min Ho. The article only suggested Lee Min Ho as a potential lover but somehow this changed into rumors of the two dating. Different reports also claimed that Lee Min Ho broke up with Suzy.
A source from Min Ho's agency responded with "It's ridiculous and we are taken aback." The source laughed and was confused on how these rumors were started. The source further commented, “Lee Min Ho is currently overseas and focusing on acting, so it’s difficult to nosily ask him about Taylor Swift. Perhaps he got involved in this dating rumor because his filming in Spain is receiving a lot of attention from international press.”

Who Do You Think Could've Started This Rumor?

EXO's Lay Announced To Make Solo Debut!!!

Ok so this has got me so exicted. According to a exclusive interview with Xport News, Lay will be releasing an album in China!! It is planned to be done by the end of this year. It is unclear on whether he will be promoting in Korea

BTS Gets Real About Their Debut, Success, and Worries:

In a recent interview BTS talked about some of their memorable moments, their thoughts on success, and more.
After being asked about their debut, they shared their memorable moments:
Rap Monster: “Our debut? I only remember feeling that there wasn’t anything I could do. Because there were so many things I didn’t know. My only job was to just do my best.”
They also talked about how their success is compared to "walking down a royal road.":
Suga: “To be called walking down a royal road, it’s not like we didn’t have hardships. Every moment is memorable to me.”
J-Hope: “I still cannot forget our debut stage. I think people are saying we are walking down a royal road because we had a start.”
Then each member was asked what their current worries were:
Rap Monster: “My current worry is the music I will put into my next mixtape.”
Jin: “I think about whether or not I will be able to perform the choreography we are doing now and if I will be able perform a concert when I am in my 30s and 40s.”
Suga: “My biggest worry is that we have to keep making good music and I want to do well but I wonder if I will be able to.”
J-Hope: “I am curious about how long this happiness and people’s love for us will continue.”
V: “I want to be a filial son to my parents as soon as possible.”
Jimin: “What to do to make BTS a cool team. What to do to make everyone happy. What to do for fans to be able to listen to good songs. These are my worries.”
Jungkook: “These days I’m worried how how I should live so that others would say I lived well.”

Ailee Reportedly Making Comeback!!!

According to an exclusive report from Sports Chosun, Ailee will be making a comeback in October. Ailee is working on her album despite being one of the judges for "Superstar K 2016". The audition program will be have 8 new judges, the first episode was aired on September 23. Previous reports revealed that Ailee is working with various artists including Yoon Mirae for her comeback album

BTS Announces Date For Comeback With 2nd Full Album!!

yes....Yes.....YES!!!! BTS will be making their comeback on Ocotber 10th. THe date was released on their fan cafe and the album will be named "Wings".
They have already been teasing with these videos.The 7 short films focus on each member story. You can watch them all here.
I am so ready for this, I need some answers lol
MVs That Were Released This Week!!! Make Sure To Check Out All These MVs.
Sept. 19:
BtoB: "Stand By Me" click here
INFINITE: "The Eye" click here
Sept. 20
Clazziquai: "Speak Of Love" click here
Song Ji Eun(from SECRET): "Bobby Doll" click here
Sept. 21
Park So Hyun & Leo(from Vixx): "Just That" click here
MAMAMOO: "New York" click here
Bada and Ryeowook(from Super Junior): "Cosmic" click here
I hoped you enjoyed this edition of The Kpop Times!! Until Next Time!!
shiiiiiit bts and shinee have the same comeback date
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