"Do you, husband Jung Hoseok, take y/n as your wife?" I was able to hear my breath come out of me one by one. "I do." I looked at her eyes. They shined with love and heartfelt memories. "Do you, wife y/n, take Jung Hoseok as your husband?" She smiled and answered, "I do." It took a long time to get this far >>> 10 years ago <<< Hoseok's P.O.V There was this one girl who always sat infront of me. Her name was y/n. Always quiet, chic, and never got along with anyone. But she was always popular. Why? She was pretty. I agreed with that also. When the window was open, her hair would slightly go over her shoulder and sometimes show off her neck. When she turned around to give me papers her eyes were dark and dreamy. They were pretty but filled with sadness. As she turned around she showed off her perfect jawline. Yep. I liked her. I liked her in the most wimpiest way. She looked out the window all the time. That was her thing. I took that as an opportunity and always stared at her. There was no one stopping me anyway. But it was one day. When she looked out the window, I stared at her like always. But, she looked back. SHE LOOKED BACK. SHE LOOKED BACK. I started to panic at the whole situation. She must've thought I was crazy just staring at her. WTF. I just made a fool out of myself. OMG. From that point on, that day I wasn't able to stare at her. But since I was curious on how she was doing I looked at her again. And once again, she looked back. My eyes got wide and they immediately focused on the book infront of me. When I looked up, she smirked and turned around. WHAT WAS THAT SMIRK? Did she like me too? Did I have something on my face? Was she recognizing me? OMG I had a mini panic attack going inside of me. That's when she dropped her pencil. It rolled over right under my chair. She turned around, making her hair whip across her face, landing right by her collar bone. She whispered, "can you pick up my pencil?" I was star stuck at her beauty. It was a whisper, but I was able to feel the warmth in her voice. "Y-yeah.." I handed it to her and felt her hands. Warm. "Thanks" "Y..your w..w..w-" "Welcome?" "Yeah." She smiled and turned around. I can't believe it. I had a conversation with her!!!!!! After school, I always walked home. And she always walked infront of me. But this time I noticed something weird. She had a bruises on her legs. That was weird, because it was the first time I noticed that. She was always filled with rumours about her having an abusive relationship with her boyfriend. They said that they saw a giy that looked older than her was trying to hit her. But, that was just a rumour one of the ugly girls made up. However, this time it was different. She had bruises and I did see an older guy wait infront of her house. (She's a neighbor. Lives right infront of us) I sat down on my desk trying to do my homework. But I noticed something a little weird. Her window was open and I was able to see something. She was getting hit. The only thing she was able to do was absorb the pain. But it wasn't the mysterious guy infront of her house that was abusing her. It was her dad. I met her dad a few times, and he didn't look like a person to abuse her. I quickly went outside and waited infront of her door. I wanted to stop her, but how was I gonna Do that? 'Should I ring the doorbell? Or no?' That's when the door opened and she was discovered with bruises all over her face. "What are you doing here?!" "Huh?" "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!!!" She screamed at me. She must've been surprised. "I.. I saw everything." A tear rolled down her face. "Please get me out of here." And she leaned her body on me. I couldn't help but hug her. Sulking on my shoulder, she started to shiver. "Please..."
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