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I honestly am so torn right now! I dont think I have ever cried so much for an anime before (And I have seen Clannad!) This Anime had me on the feels train since day one! But I am so happy I watched it. The Ending (which I am kind of conflicted to whether it has really ended because it doesn't say completed on Kissanime!) was beautiful had me wanting more especially on how Kakeru looks like 10 years into the future part! Overall Beautiful Anime I really hope to see Naho & Kakeru grow as a couple! #Season 2 Please!
I loved this group of friends! They honestly are the best of friends anyone could ask for and they so funny too xD
I actually want to see these people become couples (Lol even if two of them already are)
But most of all I want to see them grow together as the amazing group of freinds they all came to be❀

Overall... I LOVE THIS ANIME❀ And if you still have not seen it yet.. I completely with out a doubt recommend it to you!

I am positive you guys will love it too❀

its not done, a movie will premier in Japan soon too.
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there is a new movie being released here this month.
@JustinaNguyen Omg or just Naho and Kakeru overall xD... I feel bad for Suwa he is a really nice guy but you just cant help but to ship Naho and Kakeru!
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@JustinaNguyen Omg I know what you mean! I ship Takako with him too but i dont think it would happen TuT he too in love with Naho
I heard they are going to have an OVA about future Suwa and Naho. I hope it's true!
since the anime is doing so well I will recommend everyone to watch the live version movie as well which is beautiful as well I cried lol I was waiting for the anime to be over so i can watch yes I will definitely watch it. Please watch the live version movie too everyone. its soo good lol.
I don't watch sad animes, I can't handle it. I'm not going to set myself up for it. πŸ˜‚ Not since Grave of The Fireflies, and that's a old movie.
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