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I'm sorry that this story is so long but i really hope you enjoy it (^_^)
“Today is the day!! I'm going to do it; I finally found the courage to confess my felling for y/n”
“Are you ready? We need to leave now if you want if you don’t want to miss your timing”
“Hyung what do you think she’ll say?”
“Jackson relax everything is going to be fine. So calm down ok?! I know you’re nervous but you came this far you can’t chicken out now or are you?” said mark
“I ---um--- No, I'm not backing out I’ve made my decision and I can’t and I won’t back out”
“Good cause it’s time to go come on” said mark pulling Jackson’s arm and dragging me him towards the front door of their house
“Wait like now? I --- I -----I'm not ready I need more time I --- I don’t if I can do this anymore hyung how bout we do this tomorrow or in a week huh?”
“Nope not a chance YOU’RE doing this it now or never plus it’s too late to back out now because…”
“Because why? I mean it’s not like she’s waiting for me right!” said Jackson looking at mark with a ‘don’t tell me she’s there’ face
“Well ----- we kind of knew you were going to back out at the last minute so --- I –kind of told the guys to bring y/n to the park that’s a few minutes away from the house so--- um yeah she’s going to be waiting for you there”
“YOU WHAT?!!!!! I can’t believe you did this----- wait she’s going to be waiting for me there?!! Now I really can’t go I – I – I – I can’t do this” said Jackson walking back and forth on the same spot
While Jackson was battling himself mentally mark got a text from bambam
“Hyung everything is ready where are you? Are you almost here? Hurry cause noona has to leave for her job”
Mark knew that Jackson wasn’t to follow him out that easily, unless something big where to happen something so big that would get him out of the house within seconds and he knew just what to do *evil smirk*
“OMG really I can’t believe it is she ok? Where is she right now ok I'm on my way I’ll be there as fast as I can ok”
“what?!!! What?!!!! What happen?” said Jackson with a worried face
Ha I got you now thought mark
“I don’t know if I should tell you but its y/n she’s at the hospital. Bambam just texted me saying they had to rushed her there I'm on my way right now so I’ll talk to you later ok” said mark talking towards the door
“Hyung wait for me I'm going too I need to be there for her I want to be there for her”
‘But I thought you didn’t want to be see her today since you chickened out and all”
“That has nothing to do this her being in the hospital now come on I don’t know where they took her so you’ll have to lead the way ok so hurry”
A few minutes later
“Hyung are you sure this is the way to the hospital? Cause this looks more like the……”
“Like the what Jackson *evil smirk*”
“Like the park that’s a few minutes away from the house ….. You tricked me didn’t you how could you hyung I'm leaving before y/n sees me”
“Too late do she is coming this way and if you leave right now she’s going to think you hate her and that’s why you left”
“But I don’t hate her I love her and I want to tell her but--- but just can’t its like every time I tried talking to her someone covers my mouth and I can’t move. I don’t know how and why I get like this every time I'm with her but I just ---- I don’t know what to do hyung”
“Then just tell her how you feel and I'm sure she’ll understand and who knows maybe she feels the same way about you”
“I wish I could that would be the best thing in my life if she were to love me back and how can I tell her how I feel when all I do is stand there and look like an idiot I wish she could notice my feelings for her”
‘Well it’s now or never man cause she’s behind you”
“Y/n! Hi, I um …well…. I was ….. You know …maybe we can ….you don’t have to but….”
As Jackson was blabbering and not making sense he was silence by a pair of lips that crashed with his it took him some time to realize that y/n was kissing him he didn’t know what to do he just stood there frozen and confused. After a few more seconds y/n pulled away and look straight into Jackson’s eyes
“Will you go out with me Jackson?”
“It’s ok if you don’t”
“I’ll that as a no then. I ….. I’ll be on my way then see you guys later bye Jackson”
When Jackson came back to reality he saw y/n walking away from him and he did the only thing he could. He ran after you and back hugged you
“Yah pabo-ya how can you just walk away from me after doing that to me. Taking my first kiss and the just walking away is a big no in my world you know now you’ll have to take responsibility on taking my first kiss”
“I …. I …..”
Jackson turn you around so you were facing him and brought you closer to him to the point where your lips and his were only inches away from each other
“Y/n will you be my girlfriend and take responsibility for taking my first kiss?”
Y/n nodded in respond and was about to pull away from Jackson but instead she was met with a pair of soft lips
Few years later
“See I told you it wasn’t that hard, now were it?” said mark
“Yeah, yeah whatever. I'm just happy that I’ve been with y/n for the past 5 years and now she’s going to be my wife.” Said Jackson wait for y/n in front of the altar
“Relax kid you’re starting to sweat like crazy so don’t worry she’ll be here any moment unless….”
“Unless what hyung?”
“Unless she has finally open her eyes and realized what she’s getting herself into by marring you a complete pabo” said mark laughing
“Ey hyung how can you joke like that on a moment like this what if you jinx it? Huh!”
“Even if I tried to I couldn’t because she’s here look” Said mark pointing towards y/n.
As Jackson turn around to see his future wife I was amazed and shocked at how beautiful y/n looked. How can she get more beautiful than what she already is? Is it possible for someone to fall even more in love all over again because I think I just did, he thought to himself.
After the wedding ended everything seem to be going well in their lives until
“Was it that easy for you to leave me hurting this much?!
Was it that easy for you to give up on me! Us, our future, our happiness. I thought we were going to have our own happily ever after but I was a complete fool to think that way wasn’t I because I really thought that our love was so strong that nothing was going to get in our way but, I guess I was wrong because you gave up on it so easily” said Jackson crying with everything he had
“Y/n-ya how can you give up on us so easily I …. We …. When we started this relationship it was a mutual thing we both agreed to be there for each other and to fight against everyone and anything that got in the way of our love so… so how come you decided to end this by yourself when we were both in this. Why, why ,why?”
“Jackson stop already she’s not coming back to you and you have to accept that and let her go you have someone that’s waiting for you back home and she needs you now. Your life continues even if you don’t have her here with you and I'm sure it wasn’t easy for her to give up but shit happens and you have to deal with it ok. Now come on we have to go because you have someone that’s here and loves you and you love her and she’s your number one priority right now so come on she’s waiting for you to come back home, to come back to her and hold her in your arms” said mark trying to get Jackson to get a hold of himself
“I … I … ok you’re right I’ll go with you but ….can you give me a moment I … we have to say our goodbye’s properly this time. So… can you please wait in the car I’ll be there shortly”
“Jackson …. I .. I'm not sure about this..”
“please hung just 5 minutes and I’ll be there please”
“I …. Ok but just 5 minutes ok I’ll come get you if you’re not back in 5 ok”
“ok thanks hyung”
“ok … bye y/n I’ll come visit some other time and I’ll bring her so you can meet her” said mark while standing up and leaving them alone
“well I guess this our goodbye for now. Because even tho you gave up I will fight for the both of us. I love you y/n don’t ever forget that because I won’t ever forget about you ever. Because, you left me with the greatest gift of all… our daughter oh how I wish you could see her, she looks just like you so beautiful. Well I guess I'm off now I’ll bring her so you could see how beautiful she is even tho mark hyung said he would. I’ll try my best to raise her up the best I can but I'm sure it won’t be easy but I'm sure you’ll be watching over us from heaven. I love you y/n and always will” said Jackson getting up and starting to walk away
As he was walking he looked back one last time at your grave and said
“goodbye by beautiful wife until next time we meet on the other side when time comes for me to give up this life as well but for now I’ll see you in my memories and dreams.
I love you”


I'm sorry guys this is a really long story and it’s not that good either but I tried my best. I hope you enjoyed it and wasn’t that disappointing of a story
Please let me know if you would like to be tag on future stories or if you would like to be un-tag
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you have me crying over here
@AbbyRoscoe thank you and I will (^_^)
Wow! this was so good👍👍 Can you tag me in your future cards
You know what? I loved it. Like you said it felt just a tad unrefined but none the less it was heartbreaking, loving, eye opening, and the ending was not what I imagined so it made that sting hit home even more. Good job!! I loved it!
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