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Who: Reader X Kim Jongdae What: Spy AU

Mature content (18+)

Chapter: The Mission Story: What's better than spies? Gadgets and hot passionate love? You're life is about to be turned upside down.
Y/N's POV Jongdae said he had to go out for a moment right after he had laid you out that morning and had your heart racing, your body begging for him, your voice screaming for him. You loved him and the way he made you feel. He drove you crazy. That wasn't supposed to happen. When you had met him, it was just supposed to be casual. As a contract killer you weren't used to getting close to people. You were trained not to but some how he had gotten to you. In just eight months he and you had gotten married and it was now three years later you two were still just content and in love with each other. You two were supposed to be on a second honeymoon but in reality you had a job to do down here so it was good that Jongdae had left. You were actually trying to think of how to separate from him long enough to get the job done. Once he left you hopped into the shower and got dressed in your red jumpsuit. It made you look sexy as hell. All black wouldn't help you since it was broad day light and all white would obviously shown blood if you had gotten any on you. You were careful but you didn't like to take chances. Once you had your toys packed you headed out of the hotel room. You met your partner downstairs. He put his sunglasses on and walked beside you as he said, "Took you long enough." "Is someone still cranky I'm getting more action than you?" you teased. He scoffed even though you knew most of his frustrations were coming from the fact that he hadn't slept with anyone in a while. You two used to sleep together until things got really serious with Jongdae. He got upset at the fact that you two had not only gotten so serious but that he couldn't have you anymore. The result ended with him hating Jongdae. "If you weren't so busy letting him go down on you we could've finished this and we would both be drinking up the sun on the beach." he said. "Stop being a little bitch Yifan. A girl has her needs and you know as well as I do these things take time." you smirked at him. "Please don't give me your whole patience is a virtue speech again. Not on an empty stomach." "My goodness you're such a baby." you rolled your eyes. Despite his constant griping, you two worked well together. You two were the best contract killers. You had met when your boss put a hit on him and his current boss. Yifan was the type to jump from boss to boss and job to job, between being a body guard or being hired to actually kill someone. The way he dealt with his contracts was he could protect one boss' assets for a month and then the next month he could get hired by his last boss' enemy and steal everything he had helped protect. Yifan had rules not morals. He basically just didn't give a shit about who he screwed over. You were different. You were trained in combat and seduction. You were trained to kill, clean up after your mess and leave no trail behind. You were trained to be perfect in what you did. You were a contract killer but you were under one specific agency. Each boss you took a contract from worked for that agency but they had different targets and different reasons for you to kill people. Your Boss, the one that was head over all in the agency, that owned the agency, yeah, he was your father. So anyone Daddy wanted you to kill you killed. It was your father that specifically had you target Yifan. You two battled it out too. Talking fist to cuffs, knife to knife and shoot out. You two where evenly matched and just as capable of killing each other like you killed anyone else. He almost had you until you surprise kissed him, which threw him off and you shot him in the leg. You ended up knocking him out and kept him sedated until you brought him back to your father. You saw potential in him being of good use to the agency. Your father was reluctant but you liked having competition around. At that point, Yifan had made a reputation for himself as being a traitor and your father wanted nothing to do with him. So to prove that he would be of some use you gave him an option: become a better killer than you or die right there. You knew the deal would work because he was as competitive as you. You could tell that and he seemed insulted that you would even insinuate that you were better than him but you had proved that time and time again. He stayed close to you to learn your strategy, you knew he was coming up with ways to kick your ass. A few times he had hit you with surprise attacks but you had fended him off and bested him, a few times in front of an audience. As much as you believed Yifan was addicted to the sex, you believed that he was more addicted to the competition. He needed to be better than you. You didn't know if over time he started to like you or if he was just waiting for the perfect moment to turn on you but for a few years now he had done his job properly and hadn't messed up yet. Yifan gently grazed your hand for a second to give you something. He walked off as soon as you two got outside. He was supposed to make it up to the roof of another building; he was working the sniper rifle. You took a cab to the building your target was at and made your way past the security guards. You came to the receptionist desk, your sunglasses still on to hide your eyes. You had set up a fake meeting under a fake name with someone on the third floor but you were really going to the top floor. You made your way into the elevator after she gave you directions to the office you were "supposedly" going to. The device Yifan gave you earlier you had placed in the perfect spot. It would bug their entire computer system so that at the push of a button you could disrupt everything. "Yifan give me a body count." you said. " Right now he's got two guards at the door no other bodies." "Boring." "Or lucky, there's only so much I can do from here." "Don't worry I'll be fine." "If you say so kitten." He mumbled. You took out your ear piece and placed it in your bra. The elevator made it to the top floor and you walked out seeing men moving around. They were doing their business as usual and at the end of the hall was Michael's office, your target. You pushed all your hair over to one side and began to strut down the hallway where guarded men were at. "Mind stepping aside boys? A lady needs to get through." you said batting your eye lashes. "What lady?" he said looking down at you. You smiled and looked him up and down. True you were wearing a jumpsuit but it was a bit on the sluty side. It was low cut in the front to show a lot of cleavage and your back was showing. Though the jumpsuit covered your legs they were cut in strategic places so that enough skin was showing, specifically the see through fabric on your upper thigh leading to your ass. The straps to your panties were even showing. "He called for me and I'm on time. Please don't play with my money, escort me in." you said emphasizing just the right word to get them to look at each other. They looked back at you and then sighed. Michael was known for having his share of women come to his office and Yifan had told you he'd called for a woman earlier. They turned to open the door for you and one walked in ahead of you. "Sir there's someone here for you." he said. You walked around him observing the gun in his holster and looked up at Michael. "You called for my services?" you said suggestively. He stood up and fixed his suit jacket, "Right, you made good time come in. You can go." he said. You came in and the guard turned around to walk out which was the cue he was waiting for. Micheal's eyes traced over your body, "They sent an exotic one this time." he said looking you over. You smiled and walked over to him slowly. Micheal's hand wrapped your waist and he wasted no time in kissing you. His hand came off the small of your back so he could unbuckle his belt. You pushed him down onto the chair, "You're a bit too eager, you're supposed to take your time when you eat your lunch." "I have a busy schedule my dear so I'd like to make this short time worth while." he said. "You're the boss." You smiled at him. You stepped behind him and your hand trailed down his chest. You unbuttoned a few of his buttons and kissed the nape of his neck. Your fingers teased his nipple and the subtle difference in his breathing became more prominent. You continued to kiss his neck making him reach back to touch you between your legs. You stood up making fake noises of pleasure and your hand smoothed up his chest and around his head in a gentle caress, "Oh wait I forgot something." you said. "What's that baby?" he asked. "This." You moved in a swift motion snapping his neck quite easily and then you held him up so you could adjust how he was sitting. You bent down to his ear, "My father sends his regards." You chuckled. You pulled out your ear piece and then the little button to activate the device to disrupt their systems. You walked out and the guards turned to you, "That was quick." "I'm not done yet. We're just getting started." you smiled. You kicked the one to your right in the back of the leg to clip him up. You grabbed the other ones gun and shot the one you kicked in the head. The other one tried to grab you and you ducked under his arms. You kicked him in his groin and when he bent over in pain you shot him in the side of his head. You sighed and picked up the gun from the first one you killed. You looked at the mess and hurried down the hall. You pressed the button to scramble their systems and made it to the stairs. There were men already coming after you after hearing the gun shots. "Was that absolutely necessary?" Yifan said. "They knew my face they had to die. Besides-" You were cut off by ducking under a punch from a guard. Someone shot off a gun and you used him as the shield. When he went down, you ran down the stairs. "I have a second honeymoon to get back to." you finished. "That doesn't mean be sloppy damn it." He said annoyed. You chuckled before jumping over a railing and catching the adjacent railing to pull yourself up onto the stairs. "How am I being sloppy?" you said. "Killing those guards brought too much attention to you what do you mean?" he yelled at you. "Just cover me jackass I've got the rest." You were running from the remainder of the men chasing you down the steps. You turned around and held your hands up, "Okay enough!" you yelled. They were standing in front of you panting as hard as you. You bit your lip and smiled, "Think fast!" You threw a cell phone at them and pressed a control switch that released two tasers and then shot the one at the top in the chest. The two that fell to the ground after being tased you shot and killed. Anyone that had seen your face wasn't allowed to live. At least anyone that was your enemy. If there weren't any witnesses then no one would know who to look around for. You wiped your finger prints off the gun before tossing it aside. You conjured up fake tears and ran out screaming from the stairs. Of course the gun shots had alerted people in the building so there was some kind of panic already, there was a cop that stopped you and asked you what happened? You described a man in a suit with a mask on that didn't exist that had killed three men to your supposed knowledge. When he asked how you got away, you explained that the three men that were dead helped cover you while you ran by the time you reached the door they were dead and the man didn't chase you. The cop told you to get to safety, back up was on their way anyway he couldn't have you hanging around. You ran out of the building with everyone else that was being rushed out by security. You made sure to take back the bug you planted. Not only did you disrupt their systems, you stole their information as well. You kept running with the crowd until the building was far away from you. Your actual cell phone rang and you answered it, "Hi baby." you said. "Hey baby girl where are you right now?" he asked. "Oh I just went for a little jog why, what's up?" You were noticeably out of breath and that was really the only explanation you could offer him without raising suspicion. "There's something going on, a few people have been shot and killed by the O.H.A.N.U building. Come back to the hotel baby I don't want you getting hurt." he said. "I'm no where near the O.H.A.N.U building babe." "I'd feel better if I were with you Y/N. It's our honeymoon anyway we should spend it together relaxing. Come to me." he cooed. You smiled at the way he talked to you. His voice calmed you in the sneakiest of ways. You sighed, "Alright Jagi, I'll be there-" "Yo kitten!" Yifan called to you. You glared at him, "Kitten? Are you with Yifan?" Jongdae asked. Yifan and Jongdae had met before. You introduced him as your old fire fighter partner. When you and Jongdae first met, you said that you were a fire fighter once which was why you could afford to be calm during the bombing that had happened in Brazil. That incident still confused you because the first bomb wasn't yours, the second one was. Either way you got your target so you didn't care about getting an explanation. Jongdae told you he didn't like Yifan specifically for that nickname he used with you. Kitten. You had no idea why Yifan called you that but you knew why Jongdae hated it. He believed he was the only one with the right to call you by a pet name. 'Baby girl' was his choice. Yifan was obvious in his dislike of your husband so he tried to make things difficult for you when he could which pissed you off. You put a finger over your lips to make him shut up. "Yes jagi Yifan is here but he's heading back home today so don't worry." you said. "Y/N come to me now. I don't want you with him." he said. Pure jealousy and anger rang in his voice. "Okay, okay jagi. I'm coming back to the hotel I'll be there soon okay?" you said trying to calm him. "Hurry." he commanded. "Yes sir." you smirked a little into the phone. You hung up just afterwards and tossed him the bug you used. You glared at him while he looked at the bug for a second and then looked at you. His eyebrows raised, "What?" "Go back to the agency and turn the damn thing in I need to go find my husband and calm him down." you said annoyed. "Aw is he still so sore about me? Or maybe he thinks I can steal you away." he said. His voice got low and he pinned you against the wall. He pocketed the bug and then let his hand wrap around your waist. You smiled softly and said, "You could never steal me away from him Yifan. I love him." "It's dangerous for a spy to fall in love." "I'm not a spy, I'm a killer. As long as I don't fall in love with my target, I'm free to do as I like." you said. "Have you told him about your little defect?" The way he said that made your insides turn and not in a good way. You hadn't told Jongdae about that. You weren't sure you wanted to. "Stop calling it that." you said annoyed. "Come on Y/N be honest every man wants one and you can't give it to him." "Do you want one?" you snapped at him. He pressed his lips together annoyed by you, "No but that's why I'm not married." "There are married people all over the world that decide not to have kids. Just because we're married doesn't mean we need to have kids. I'm a killer I take lives I do not bring more into the world. It may be a defect to you but it's a small detail that gets over shadowed by the millions of dark things that surround my past. If Jongdae is going to leave for any reason I can damn well promise you it won't be because of that." "Then why haven't you told him?" he said calmly. You sighed frustrated and pushed his shoulder to move him but he came back to you quickly so you couldn't move. "Go ahead Y/N prove me wrong. Show me that your precious husband would still love his baby girl if he found out she couldn't give him a baby." he teased touching your cheek. You swatted his hand away and grabbed his pocket knife off of him. You griped the arm that was leaning him against the wall and kicked his knee in so he was on his knees. You twisted his arm around and pressed it into his back, bringing the knife up to his neck, "Don't make me regret not killing you when I had the chance Yi Yi. I love my husband and I will decided when and if I want to let him know but for now you need to go back to my father and return the data that we collected. That should be your only concern for the next twenty-four hours." you said. You threw his knife at the wall and walked off. Since you used sex as your edge over most of your kills, you had went to the doctors to look for preventive measures for pregnancy (something a little less maintenance than birth control pills). You had gotten checked out and everything and then the doctors later informed you that it was highly unlikely that you would ever be able to carry a baby. Jongdae never mentioned anything about wanting kids anytime soon or ever really and you had held back on saying that you couldn't have any anyway. Yifan was right it was a defect but it worked well in your favor when it came to work. It made it easier for you not to hesitate in anything. It was a mistake to fall in love with Jongdae. You two should've kept it casual but it was difficult. Even if you couldn't share every detail of your job, even if you had secrets from him it worked out. He got jealous like a man would, he loved you like a man should and despite you not needing it or wanting it, he protected you. There were days he'd come and just hold you for no reason. You two learned to cook together, you went on adventures together, you talked about a million things together. You could speak in different languages together. Jongdae was the best friend you never let yourself have. He was the love of your life and the reason you hadn't told him you couldn't have a baby had more to do with your fear disappointing him rather than him leaving you. You didn't want a baby, you never did because you were a killer that was all you knew. You would be just like your father and that was even worse. You had made your way into the lobby of the hotel and picked up your bag by the front desk. You had it left there so you could change clothes when you got back. You took it from the front desk and went to the bathroom downstairs and changed. You went back up to the hotel room. You opened the door and Jongdae was pacing the floor on his phone fuming. "Jagiya?" You said softly. He turned to you and calmed himself down. He walked over to you and kissed your lips. You could hear from the other side of the phone Minseok's voice just faintly as he said, "We don't know who did it yet but the files are swiped clean." Jongdae was looking into your eyes and you gave him a soft smile in return but his eyes were slightly dark. Not in the sense of lust but of annoyance or anger and you didn't know if it was directed towards you, Minseok or whatever the situation was going on at what you assumed was his job. Jongdae's hand came up to your face. He curled his finger to his palm and let your chin rest in the pocket he just made. His thumb came to the corner of your mouth and brushed your lip. He then pulled it down just slightly. "Uh huh." he said into the phone. He moved to kiss you again and this time he showed his hunger for you. His kiss was so heated you wondered if Minseok could hear it on the other end. He probably could. Jongdae pulled away and let his nose trail your neck and to the other side. He looked back up to you when he got to your other shoulder. He pushed the part where the microphone was away from his mouth and he came to your ear. His hand now trailed up under your shirt as he said, "Did he touch you?" He pulled back to look at you and you shook your head. His hand ghosted around your stomach and to your waist then came back down. You were waiting for him to rip the clothing off your body but he only teased you more. He could see you wanted him. You stepped up to him and he lightly pushed you back away from him. "Minseok Have you forgotten it's my honeymoon? Work can wait." Jongdae said annoyed. Please let work wait, your body was screaming for him. He kept rubbing his hand up and down your stomach and then he reached up higher to message your breast through your bra. "I want to spend time with my wife even someone as emotionally detached as you should understand that." he said. You were trying to hold your voice back. You could see Jongdae's eyes move from the wall in front of him to the corner of his eye to look at you. He came back closer you and you held onto him while he went back to attacking your lips. You could hear Minseok say, "Damn it Jongdae this is serious. You two could stand to stop touching each other for a while. If you keep fucking like bunnies you'll end up making babies like bunnies!" Your eyebrow twitched and Jongdae pulled away to smile and say into the phone, "That's the idea." You heart kind of fell when he said that. Jongdae hadn't yet noticed the change in your expression. You grabbed his hand to stop him and started to walk away. He hooked you into his arm though and pushed you into the wall. His lips came to your neck and attacked causing you to let out a little moan. "Don't ever walk away from me, you know that." he said. Your leg was between his and he began to grind against you letting you know what you had done to him. He looked you in the eye and you gave him a small smile. He came up to your lips and kissed them hard. You took in a breath and you heard Minseok say, "Is she in the room with you?" "Yeah Hyung." Jongdae said into the phone. He backed away from you and fixed the tie he was wearing so he could slide it off his neck. He looked to you still smiling probably more amused by the fact that Minseok was upset then at how hot and bothered he had made you. "Take your clothes off, I want you naked by the time I get in that room baby girl. I'll be in there soon." He said to you. That was with the mic next to his lips so he made sure Minseok could hear. That made you blush slightly you had no idea why. You walked into the bedroom tossing articles of clothing aside as you headed in. By the time you made it to the foot of the bed all you need to get rid of was your underwear. "Yeah yeah, bye hyung. You can call again all you want I'll just ignore you. I'm on vacation remember so handle it yourself." You heard Jongdae say before you heard the sound of him tossing his phone aside. He walked in with his tie still around his neck and he was unbuttoning his shirt. "Lay down baby girl, you're acting like I'll bite." "You do bite." He chuckled, "That's because you taste so fucking delicious." he said crawling over your body making you lie back down on the bed. He grabbed your hands and forced them above your head. He held them together with one hand while he grabbed his tie with the other and wrapped it around your wrists. The Hotel bed you had, had railings and he tied the loose end to the mid railing. Once you were tied up to his liking he kissed you hard. His hand slides down your body and he pushed a curled finger inside you making your back arch and you gasp into his mouth. He pulled away from you to say, "Shit, Y/N you fucking burning for me. Amazing." He said looking down at you with dark lustful eyes. Those eyes didn't leave yours even as he crawled back down your body to get to your core. "You like being tied up don't you baby girl?" "Yeah." you said breathless. "You know the name of the game baby, don't break the rules. I'll ask again, you like to be tied up don't you baby girl?" "Yes sir." you whined. Jongdae chuckled, he stuck another finger in your curling and twisting his fingers slowly in and out of you. "Time for a truth baby girl. Be honest with me, what were you doing with Yifan?" "Same as you and Minseok finishing-ahh- finishing--shit." He had moved faster and he was hitting some amazing spots while his tongue licked around your clit then his lips wrapped around it. You could hear a slight smacking sound that drove your hips up into his face more. He pulled up, he had been looking up at you the entire time and when you couldn't concentrate on your sentence he sat up and stopped moving his fingers. You whined and wiggled for him but he pressed you into the mattress harder. "Finishing what baby girl?" "Work, sir." "Did he touch you?" he asked. "Yes." you said. He gripped your waist tighter and pushed a third finger into your heat. The heated moan that escaped your lips had only made his eyes go darker, "Tell me how he touched you." "Jongdae-" "What?" he said in a warning tone. "Sir," you corrected. "He only wrapped his hand around my waist." "Is that all?" he asked. "Yes sir." "That's good." He slightly sighed before his mouth went to attack your clit. His curled fingers moved in and out of you so fast and his tongue flicked back and forth on your clit to tease you, you were soaking his fingers in your juices and he loved it. He loved the sound of you crying for him. Your hips bucked into his face offering more pleasure and your could feel your self coming close. Your hands want to push him in deeper and you cried, "I'm so close. Please make me cum." He hummed into your folds and those vibrations were enough to send you over the edge screaming his name. He continued to lick you up and you heard those wets sounds, they drove you crazy and turned you on again. His fingers continued moving from originally trying to ride down your high but we're now moving with the purpose of offering you another orgasm. He lapped you up and then finally took his fingers away. He stopped up and took off his pants and boxers he left his shirt on unbuttoned, you knew why. He knew once he took off those restraints you were going to run your claws down his back. You were going to watch that shirt come off his beautiful shoulders. He was saving it for you. Just thinking about it made you hot again and you rubbed your legs together and he climbed over you. He knelt down, his knees by your shoulders and his hard, hot erection in your face. "Don't be selfish baby girl. Come give me a taste." he said. His hand made it to the back of your head and he let out a nice long moan as your mouth opened and slowly took him in. He helped guide you by pushing your head back and forth at the pace which he wanted to be sucked. The popping noises your mouth made as you slurped him up and then sucked hard on the head before coming off from him for air had him moving his hips into your mouth more. His fingers moved back to your clit as he continued to fuck your face. "Ah, come on Y/N right there baby girl. Your mouth feels so good. I'm gonna cum in it." He moaned as the speed of his hips picked up and he kept bucking them into your face. You curled your tongue around his dick and then licked up his slit, it twisted around and you could tell by the way his other hand came and met the other side of your face that he was coming soon. He pushed in your mouth fast getting deeper each time and his groans drowning in lust. "Fuck baby, I'm gonna cum." he groaned. He pushed your head down on him and you had to struggle to breathe through your nose as he held you there. Your tongue played under him and he pulled out of your mouth only to thrust one more time but he couldn't hold it back and he released in your mouth with hot satisfied moans. You opened your mouth gasping for air. "Drink up baby." He chuckled. You swallowed the bitter taste, your head turning and your cheeks flushed. How could he make you feel embarrassed? He was so sexy but that sweet face of his was deceiving. You were still gasping for air while he was untying you from the bed. Your hands fell to the bed and he pulled one of your hands up to your lips. He kissed your wrists around where the tie left creases in your skin. You hadn't even realized on the verge of you coming you were pulling your hands down. Jongdae sat you up and he kissed you and spread your legs wide so he could push into you. "Jongdae." "What baby girl?" he whispered as his lips ran down your neck. "Were you serious about what you said to Minseok?" "Of course baby girl. It's our honeymoon, we didn't really get one when we got married. Besides he already interrupted us this morning before I could completely have you. You know what that does to me." He brought your legs up higher and thrusted hard into you. Your hands had already snuck up behind his shirt to hold onto him. He moved faster bucking his hips a little more into you. His lips caught yours before you could clarify what you meant. You pushed your head back slightly and he just let his tongue run down the other side of your neck while he continued to fuck you. "No, Jongdae I mean when you said about us making a baby." His head snapped up and his eyes were big, "You heard what he was saying?" "Only when you kissed me I could hear him yelling at you." You said. He sighed and lowered you to the bed. He brushed his hand through his hair. "Do you want a baby Y/N?" He asked. You shook your head. "Really?" he asked almost like he was disappointed. "Do you?" you asked. He sat up and roughed up his hair, he did that when he was really stressed. He ran his hand through his hair when he was troubled. He looked at you like he didn't know what to say. You lowered yourself under him which pushed him deeper inside you. You looked away from him your forefinger in your mouth. Damn it Yifan just had to get into your head. You always put your forefinger in your mouth when you were thinking or distressed. Just as you knew Jongdae's tell he knew yours, he pulled your hand out of your mouth and placed his hands by your head. He moved in you slowly while he said, "I would love it if you had my baby sweetie but we don't have to rush into things like that. What I said to Minseok was a joke, it was just to piss him off. I just want it to be just us for a while longer. Can you wait for me?" he said. Your hands came up to his shoulders and slowly you exposed his shoulders and your fingers ran down his back. Your nails giving him a sense of pleasure that made him push deeper inside of you. "Move faster Jongdae. I need you." He looked you deep in the eyes, a softer look in his face than from his original lustful state. He nodded and said, "I love you baby girl." "I love you too jagiya." you said. He moved faster for you. You couldn't tell him, Yifan was right... You were never afraid of anything. Blood didn't scare you, torture didn't phase you, guns, knives, bombs none of this scared you. The one thing that made you mortal was your fear of losing him...
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