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Hello! I feel like its been forever since I've posted a GOTW card. Hopefully the work I put into this poem will make up for my absence >.<; Went ahead and changed up my style of poem this time too. Hope y'all enjoy~
They started as a team of four, Now they're a family of five Though they didn't get much debut attention, They never gave up or gave in Training constantly and pushing through hardships, All for the love of their fans and the pursuit of their dreams Then it paid off, Everyone began to talk about them There were big successes with many songs, And now they have so many fans that love and adore them The hard work and hardship, Made it all worth it Their joy and love for the fans, And thankfulness for their success That is what continues to shine clearly through, And continues to draw in fans This is why they have had such success. This is why I will always and forever be their fan.
I hope you enjoyed the writing! Feel free to share any of your creative works for this amazing group with me as well - in the comments or tag me and the rest of the GOTW squad in it~ Until the next card, have a wonderful day, week, and weekend~ ❤