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I just got yelled at because i was watching BTS' comeback trailer for no reason..... actually there is a reason. My dad thought that I was listening to rappers that has a shit ton of swear words for example, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Kanye He hates rap music.....very very much because of the swear words and the MVs. I wanted to show my sister the trailer while my dad was working on the stairs, the volume was not that loud but he said "Katie, go to your room and give me your phone." I asked him why, my sister was trying to explain to him....but that didn't go well, then he said "I don't want you listening to those rappers that you were just listening too, you're banned." I told him that it but he didn't listen. I WAS CONFUSED
An hour later, he gave me my phone back. He said "Im sorry, it was an misunderstanding, I thought you were listening to Nicki Minaj." I looked over to my sister and she had her phone with her with the comeback trailer on her phone. I was still confused
wow that's my dad thought Zelo said the n word In the feel so good song and I was like dad he's rapping in Koren he said niga he said you calm down
I was driving my dad some place once and my playlist was on shuffle so when Rap Monster's Joke came on he just stared at me. I could not stop laughing 😂