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Photos of EXO's Chen have gone all over the internet. The photos seem to show Chen with his girlfriend (or ex-girlfriend, opinions seem to vary). There is also varying information about who posted them - a hacker, a friend of the (ex)-girlfriend, or the (ex)-girlfriend herself. However, many fans don't seem to be too caught up in the photos - many are, in fact, cooing over how sweet and gentle Chen looks to his girlfriend. Source: Allkpop
In all honesty even if they are dating or not. We as fans should support no matter what. I feel like a few fans across the pond and fans here in th states support the members decision no matter what then there's the fans that have to wreck havoc just because their bias is dating. It's not like you'll ever have a chance with them. But what I've been reading from Twitter, it upsets me a lot. It's like the thing with Kai all over again. Or at least some posts. We should support no matter what. #JongdaeSupportSquad #SupportChen My Fam: My Kpop Crew: @RochelleRose @UKissMeKevin @EmilyPeacock <----- My Luhan💚 @BiasKpop @evieevelyn @BBxGD
honestly they should be dating right now all work and no play makes for a very lonely life. Whether she is current or former I hope she made or makes him happy! and from these images I think she did or is
Right, he looks so happy in these. It makes my heart jump in joy.
aw that's awesome if baby dae is dating I'm glad he's happy. and if he's not dating I hopes he happy that's all I want. I keep forgetting kai is dating someone. all I know is kaisoo lol