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anime : okami shojo to kuro oji // wolf girl and black prince this was literally my first romance anime and they are my first otp. XD
queue : hacking with saeyoung (ㅅ˘ㅂ˘)
haha i remember that moment I couldn't stop laughing 😂
@rxsc same :") the whole anime was funny. 🌝
@watermage OMG YESSSSS I WAS SCREAMING WHEN HE DID IT!! Felt kind of bad for the shy dude tho but ehhhh not really xD
@AimeBolanos my friend showed me this because i was addicted to k-drama so that's how i became an otaku from this and SAME THOUGH. honestly when my mom first showed me spirited away i thought it was another cartoon. I didn't really watch Pokémon because it was too long but I did collect the cards with my brothers. BUT LIKE THE SCENE WHERE HE GRABBED HER AND KISSED HER WAS EVERYTHING. ( ๑ ´ ㅂ ` ๑ ) 💓
Shut up this was my very first anime too xD (well Pokèmon and the Ghibli films were first but I didn't know it was anime xD) Kyoka acts like a butt face but he does come around which I loved from this anime❤
@watermage xD Lol sounds like me for most Animes
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