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I'm~ baaack~ ! And I'm going to share a story with you all~! \o/
*A side note*: college life has been quite the journey, and I am currently living off of snacks, (no ..not Ramen noodles), and have no money! <': Anyways ~v~, ... It was Saturday (last weekend), one of my neighbors came over and asked my roommies, as well as her roommies, if we'd like to accompany her and her boyfriend to this....Temple place ...that mostly consisted of an outdoorsy...nature museum. (now her only reason was because ..and I quote: "*annoying narcissistic girly voice* They have the Athena statue there ..and well like MY middle name is Athena.") .-. Most of us agreed, for we had nothing else to do, while the others (just one lawl), decided to finish her homework...LIKE A NERD! ...(jk) Since miss 'Athena' believed we had enough time, she suggested we stop by CiCi's (a pizza buffet) to kill a little time. As we ate, it started to rain a bit. Of course, we noticed, but someone else actually spoke up and pointed out: "hmm I don't think we should go to the Temple ... looks like it'll rain harder later." However, miss...'AthENa ' was too determined .. But boy was she right.... Making our way to the Temple, the rain didn't show any signs of lighting up. AND SO ..when we arrived, miss 'Athena' decides to park where flippin' 9001 puddles were ... (Here's where the story gets tragic...) Pulling my hoodie over my head, I get out and go to help a couple of others get out the I do, my phone...slips out my pocket, and into...a...puddle... *sniffs* .. *side note*: the screen already had cracks ..r.i.p Quickly picking it up and running towards the nearest mini shelter the place had to offer, I take apart the cellular device and begin drying it the best as I can with a soaked hoodie ... oh...and...the Temple place was CLOSED... =_= *side note*: by the time I went to the store and found the cheapest rice (because I had little funds) and Ziploc bags...the screen had no hope. Even so I still tried the rice thing... but yeah ..didn't work... *sniffs*
After that tragic incident, I began to think of other ways to communicate with my family and friends.. (including you all here in the Vingle family) <'':
However, we didn't have WEEFEE (Wi-Fi) and I couldn't afford to make trips to other places to use their WEEFEE pretty much I had to kindly and humbly ask my roommie, (we'll just call her 'Danish" ..and shes also the one who stayed to do homework), to use her phone to notify my mother of the situation.
The REAL downside was how my roommies and a couple of my neighbors would constantly forget I don't have a phone whenever suggesting me to use it for certain task. ... ALSO I couldn't check to see if i received feedback from jobs I applied to nor look up pictures for inspiration to do my sketches ...NOR...WATCH ANIME QAQ
It's okay, I received my replacement earlier today and am glad I didn't have to wait longer than a week to get it. ALSO WE GOT WEEFEE .... but it's part of the reason why my roommates and I are broke <'''': FIN. But the moral of the story is to never go out and have fun ...otherwise, you can't watch anime for a while. Thanks for reading all the way (if you did). Love ya~! @CandyApple22 Here ya go~
@CandyApple22 Pretty much