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Story Time: Random Anime Sighting!

Haven't had the opportunity to add to my Story Time collection in a while! This isn't really much of a story, but I just had to share!
Exposition: So I was in Cincinnati for the UC football game yesterday (my brother is in the band; he's one of those trumpets that gets to do the thing^ during the National Anthem! The image above is from a previous year, so he's not actually in that, fyi), and after the game we went out to dinner. We ended up parking a couple blocks away, then walking.
We wound up walking the wrong way, but we passed this restaurant with an open front, so we could see the TVs from the sidewalk. It's Saturday night, so most places are playing college football crap, but I glance over as we're walking to see some cartoon on, but I had a double take because the animation looked familiar, like one of my favorite anime, and realized that, of all things, it's none other than Soul Eater! My dad was judging me so hard when we figured out we were heading the wrong way and had to turn around and pass it again because my eyes were glued!
The last thing I expected wandering around Cincinnati was spotting one of my favorite anime playing in some random restaurant! I looked it up later, and it turned out it was an Asian street food place (Quan Hapa, I think it's called), so now it makes sense, but at the time, I was freaking out! I just couldn't contain my excitement and had to share!
Hope you enjoyed! For more funny little anecdotes you can follow my Story Time collection, if you like!
Huh, crazy how things like that happen..also Damn it, Who gave Mark of all people a bunch of weapons?
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