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Netizens are imploding because of these pictures that recently leaked of Chen and a lady friend.

The pictures were clearly stolen from his phone, his girlfriend/ex-girlfriend's phone or leaked by someone close to them.
Let's let Chen live his life and be happy that he even has time to interact with people who aren't in SM. (LOL)

I still support Chen, and hope that this issue isn't putting too much stress on him :/


What's with all these private idol leaks lately?

People need to stop freaking out. Chen is allowed to be a human. Plus, I'm pretty sure people will forget he's even dating (if he actually is). Either way, I hope he's doing okay and that this whole thing gets cleared up. Whether or not he's dating, we should support him no matter what. Chen fighting! <3
All these people acting like we even have a chance anyway. They need to stop being stuck in their fantasy
Poor Chen 😕 I feel worse for the girl, though; I hope she doesn't get harassed.
ppl really need to chill the fudge out
I don't understand why people can't leave them alone. I understand "your in love with them" but if you love them you'll let them be happy. That's what I would do.
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