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Group Name: VAV
Debuted: October 31st, 2015 - Under The Moonlight
Latest Comeback: Febuary 15th, 2017 - Dance With Me
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Members: (7)
Name: Lee Geum Hyuk
Stage Name: St. Van
Born: 1991
Position: Leader, Vocalist
Character: Priest
Symbol: Earthquake
Color: Gold
Name: Choi Chung Hyeob
Stage Name: Baron
Born: 1992
Position: Vocalist.
Character: Vampire
Symbol: Time Frozen
Color: Blue
Name: Jang Woo Young
Stage Name: Ace
Born: 1992
Position: Vocalist
Character: Vampire
Symbol: Strong Power
Color: Red
Name: No Yoon Ho
Stage Name: Ayno
Born: 1996
Position: N/A
Character: N/A
Symbol: N/A
Color: N/A
Name: Jang Peong
Stage Name: Jacob
Born: 1996
Position: Rapper, he used to be the Maknae.
Character: Vampire
Symbol: Shinning Vein
Color: Green
He is Chinese.
Name: Kim Ho Sung
Stage Name: Lou
Born: 1996
Position: N/A
Character: N/A
Symbol: N/A
Color: N/A
Name: Park Hee Jun
Stage Name: Ziu
Born: 1997
Position: Vocalist, Maknae
Character: N/A
Symbol: N/A
Color: N/A

Former Members:

Name: Chen Xiao
Stage Name: Xiao
Born: 1989
He was a rapper.
Character: Vampire
Symbol: V Shaped Necklace
Color: Yellow
He is Chinese.
Name: Lee Seung Min
Stage Name: Zehan
Born: 1994
He was a vocalist.
Character: Vampire
Symbol: Mysterious
Color: Purple
Name: Kim Jeong Un
Stage Name: Gyeoul
Born: 1995
He was a vocalist.
Character: Wolfboy
Symbol: Supernatural Phenomenon
Color: Orange

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Xiao's father wasn't doing to good health wise so he left the group to take care of him. There is still a chance that he may comeback but not for certain.
Thanks for letting me know!!! I hope his father is doing well!
why is too always the Makane's that wreck my life like this. OK definitely be looking into them.
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same I need to remember to keep myself in check sometimes
I love this group soo much! predebut to now they've stolen my heart and choosing a bias is so hard lol st.van is my og love but Xiao tried to steal me away before he left and baron & ace kill me 24/7 all of them are too perfect for life. and from debut to now they've improved soo much I feel like a proud mama😂😂
Haha I love them too! Right now my bias is totally Gyeoul!