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Oh Kim Eun Sook, please don’t make me smack you down early over what is really a lame attempt to be cool. The English title for the already unwieldy sounding Those Who Wear the Crown, Withstand the Weight: The Heirs has been revealed. It’s going to be called Heritors. No, that is not a typo or unintentionally misspelled Korglish. It’s Kim Eun Sook going back to an now-unused term from Middle English to show that she’s in-the-know. Or that she can flip through the Oxford English Dictionary. Or to show off that she has read plenty of romance novels set in the Middle Ages. Unless this K-drama is set during the Plantagenet era, then there is no reason for Kim Eun Sook to dig up unused Middle English for a title other than trying too hard to be different, akin to a teenager who just memorized the SAT vocab dictionary deciding to use as much as possible in an essay about what happened over the weekend. Plus she’s not even using it right! Heritor only refers to a male inheritor, the occasional female inheritor in that period is known as an Heritress or Heritrix. Since this drama has male and female rich heirs, the title ought to be Heritors and Heritresses. I doubt Heirs (and that is what I’m going to keep calling it for now, Heritors bedamned) will be anywhere as bloody as the shenanigans the House of Plantagenet wrought during their reign. Now on to some less vexing things with respect to this drama, above is the first shot of Lee Min Ho as Kim Tan filming for Heirs. It was a scene shot at Incheon airport, which apparently has been the scene of a few days worth of filming already with many of the leads including also Park Shin Hye, Kim Woo Bin, and Kim Ji Won. We all know the main cast is headed to LA on September 3rd for 3 weeks worth of location shoots so clearly they are getting in as much of the domestic shoots as possible. All the female leads have long hair based on BTS pictures shot by fans, which is a relief since K-dramas so love making their poor plucky heroine sport unrealistically ugly hair. Just because someone is poor does not mean she is blind and has no fashion sense. I’m also fine with Lee Min Ho’s youthful red-tinted hair here, the farther away from Gu Jun Pyo’s perm he gets the better. Though his sneakers made me do a double take. What is that? The latest trend to sweep Korea? Tie-dyed sneakers? Following along with this drama production is amusing to no end. Read on for Lee Min Ho and Krystal posing with their scripts.
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