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머리부터 발끝까지

From head to toe...

This person took songs ONLY from 2016 and they found 28 examples XD

You can check out more examples HERE with @currysoop!

Seriously, if you listen to this song ONCE you'll never forget this phrase!

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I think that person forgot one song, and I could be wrong. Again-Turbo
a year ago·Reply
lol I've heard it so many times in songs that I don't even need the video to memorize it XD
a year ago·Reply
thats a lot of heads and toes.... o_o
a year ago·Reply
I swear it's the first phrase I pick up in every song
a year ago·Reply
It's not from this year but BTOB's Wow and Jay Park Joah has that in it too. I'm always on alert looking for that phrase.
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