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I wasn't sure exactly what 3 idols would describe me, so I asked family and friends. I think total they came up with 4 idols they thought were like me. One name came up over and over, however.
1. Taecyeon -- His name was mentioned over and over. Yes, he's my UB...and yes, I'm a lot like him (minus the singing and rapping). I can go from somewhat normal to ultra dork in minutes. I am also a big nerd, just like he is. My daughter gave me a whole list why I'm just like him....it was actually a little on the scary side.
2. Young Hwa from CN Blue. My daughter said I was a lot like him. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to certain things. I work hard to get what I want and when it comes to sports, I'm ultra competitive. I am also VERY book smart but have the street smarts too.
3. Jin - I asked some friends and Jin was the first name mentioned. I asked why they thought Jin. 1. My dancing is not up to par...okay, I'd be the one doing Jin's safety dance 2. I cook...I like to cook (and I like to eat) 3. I'm very motherly towards people. I never thought I was, but a good friend said I am always taking care of people. I guess I really do, but I never thought helping out where needed was motherly....
The other idol that was mentioned was BTOB's MinHyuk....
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I love this mix!