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He watched the sun disappear behind the moon with dread. The light was giving way to the dark. I told him not to worry, the light will come back.
Chanyeol had listened to Junmyeon tell him about what happened in that house. He flopped backwards onto the car hood. A creeping feeling was rising in his gut, Junmyeon is innocent but how are they going to prove that. Junmyeon pulled out the photo he found. He studied it. That guy was in it. It had been the only photo he was in that Jun seen. "I took this, I don't know what it means." Junmyeon crumbled it in his fist, "I don't know what to do." "Let's just think... Think about our options. What are the options?" Junmyeon pulled his thoughts together, "One, I got blamed for something I didn't do. Two, the person I got blamed killing is alive. Three, there is two people behind it, especially the one that's supposed to be dead." "Four, we need to find out who this guy is and exactly how he's involved." Chanyeol finished. "So our options are, we need to get online or something and we need to find a place to hide out." "Those aren't really options." Junmyeon shook his head, only one place came to mind, "Lu's" "No-no" Chanyeol shook his head,"No, we can't keep getting her involved." "She has the connections, Chanyeol, if not her then who? What about that friend we went to before, the one you got the phone from?" "I think that's out of the question. If the cops were tailing me from my apartment, then they know about that place." Chanyeol, thought and thought, it bothered him to keep burdening her but there was no one else. They couldn't contact the attorney, at least not yet. He's more concerned with getting Junmyeon to turn himself in. "Do you think they'll really come after you? You know, to kill you?" "I think so. They've gone this far..." Jun was worried now. "That guy had to have seen the car, I have a feeling he'll report it, making you look like the bad guy once again. Or keep it to himself and search for you." "What if I just turn myself in? They can't touch me while I'm custody, maybe the police will be willing to listen to my side. If Sehun has gotten that statement to the attorney, then maybe I'll be fine." "Maybe we should have given that statement to noona's friend and watch it go public." Chanyeol said. They looked at one another. "I'll get ahold of him. Are you serious about turning yourself in?" "I am... Perhaps once it becomes public." Jun looked down at the photo. That photo had a truth to it but he wasn't sure what it was. "Let's go get some gas and something to eat, then we'll go to 'Lu's', wherever that is..." Chan said. He eyed Jun suspiciously, "do you know where that is?" "I do. It's LuHan's old apartment." He smiled, "I kinda figured that when she said Lu's and Sehun being Sehun..." They pulled over at the first gas station they came to. They kept a sharp eye out for police cars, thankfully the place was empty. Junmyeon rushed around the little aisles grabbing snacks and drinks. He got to the counter, the cashier gave him a quick look, his mouth gapping a little taken back that Kim Junmyeon was standing in front of him. Just when Jun handed him the money, he heard someone talking over a loud speaker. He walked to the door and seen a police car pulling up in front of his car, another one parked on the sidewalk. "Exit the vehicle." Chanyeol looked toward the entrance and seen Jun standing at the door. He got out of the car, "I guess this going to happen now." He said to himself. "Where's the other one?" Choi asked once Chanyeol got out. The cashier came around the counter and was standing next to him. They looked at one another. "Are you guilty?" the cashier asked. Jun looked him straight in the eye, "No." "Are you innocent?" "Yes." Jun walked out the door. A police officer walked up to him, taking his arm to escort him to a police car. Choi came walking over, grabbing Chanyeol along the way. Junmyeon was a bit relieved. He wasn't going to run anymore, he was going to face this straight on. It was bad enough looking guilty to the world but now there were two people looking to kill him. "I'm investigator Choi, I'm assigned to this case."
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May the truth set Junmyeon free!!!!!