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Learning Korean with music.

Hello, Vingle community! If you are like me you are trying to learn Korean. not everybody learn the same way some people learn by writing, speaking out loud, or listening. As for me I learn by doing all three, but it is boring when it is not engaging. I figured if I really want to learn this language; Why not do it in a FUN way? But i did not want to keep it to myself so I will share it with you guys.
We will learn with music. I will post cards twice a week Mondays and Thursdays. she card will contain two lines of lyrics in Hangul. Then those lyrics shall be broken down chunk by chunk so that we can understand them.
Warning: We might spend a month on one song depending on how long they are, but it will be great if you guys stick with me so we can learn together.
NOTE: I already know basic Korean. I can read and write and I understand the basic sentence structures, so these cards will start on the intermediate level.

Review: There are for basic types of sentence structures in Korean they are:

S + N
S + V
S + A
S + O + V
S = subject, N = noun, A = adjective, O = object and V = verb.
Our first song will be Only You by Miss A
First 2 lines:
다른 남자 말고 너
다른 남자 말고 너너너너 너
다른: Other
남자: Man
말고: to not do
something or to drop the intention of doing something ( further explanation here and here)
너: You
다른 남자 말고 너: No other man but you.
the line repeats only there is more 너 it looks like this
다른 남자 말고 너너너너 너: No other man but you you you you you
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