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I want friends on here

So yeah, I just wanted to say a lot more about me than I did in my about me card so that I can see if there are other people with the same interests so I can have friends on here, I have people I follow and that follow me back but it would be nice to find someone who likes most of the weird things I do.
Now Homestuck is a "Web Comic" that is filled with many deaths, plot twists, and time travel knowledge. It does have its own odd little world with many timelines so if you watch Doctor Who (like me) then it will all actually make sense to you....well most of the time. It does have an odd storyline but it will still give you many different emotions. Also here's the thing about The Trolls, each lineage have a different sign which are the Zodiac signs. The Humans on the other hand just have practically a merch shirt
In this world the character I happen to act like the most (apparently) is Aranea, this is probably mostly because I am a Scorpio and that is her "Sign".
If you want to read Homestuck go here: http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6 If you love Homestuck like me tell me your "Troll" or what character you act like.
Doctor Who
Now this is a weird show. Filled with odd aliens and weird sounds that everyone in the fandom makes now this is a world of Time Travel. Without giving away to many Spoilers i'll tell you about Doctor Who, the first question you probably have is "Doctor Who" well he's an alien who looks human with two hearts who ran away from is homeworld called Gallifrey, that is No More. All he does is grab "random" people who strike his interest and get into trouble and then save the world/universe/whatever the hell it is this time.
I listen to a huge variety of music