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The Day Walker

Chapter 1

---23 years ago--- The night was chilly even though it was the middle of summer. The air had a nice cooling effect not enough to need a sweater but enough to give the skin goosebumps. Mrs Wang and Mr Wang were the last two people at the gym. Mr Wang usually stayed late to clean up a little and make the place look a little more decent. Mrs Wang was eight months pregnant. She would've prefer to stay at home if it wasn't for her husband. He worried that she may give birth while he wasn't around so he had been dragging her around to all the recent practices as if that was better. It was past midnight already, they rarely stayed this late but once in a blue moon things got hectic. "Honey, why don't you go ahead and wait for me in the car while I get the keys to close the place down? I won't take long" Mr Wang told his wife. "Are you sure?" "Yes, it'll take me five minutes no more. I promise" he said raising his right hand. "Okay." She said reaching to his left hand to take the small bag of trash he was holding onto "I'll throw this away while I'm on my way. Don't take too long, I don't wanna give birth in the back seat of a car" she said teasing him on her way out. "Well, at least I'll be next to you" he replied. Outside, Mrs Wang stopped to smell the air and feel the breeze of the night on her face. She loved this weather. Her eyes traveled to the dumpster. The street lamp close to it was broken. You could barely see anything there. Mrs Wang sighed looking at the bag of trash she was holding and reluctantly walked that way. She stopped when she heard a bottle rustle close to the dumpster. "Hello?" No one answered. She wasn't too fond of the dark, but she came to the realization that it was probably a rat causing all that ruckus. She lifted the lid and dumped the bag inside. She quickly turned around and started walking away to get to the car. The wind picked up, the hair on her arms suddenly stood up and she got goosebumps all over her body. The sound of footsteps and growling behind her made her stop. Slowly she turned around to be met by a yellowish pair of eyes. She wanted to scream but her voice seemed to have left her. The creature in front of her growled. She looked at his mouth and noticed two prominent, large teeth poking out. This creature was human but the features on his face showed him to be something more than human. Dragging her feet on the ground she took two small steps backwards but the creature mirrored her movements. She lowered her hand to her belly and remembered it wasn't just her in the line. She quickly turned around and sprinted forward starting to run towards the gym. She screamed at the top of her lungs to make sure Mr Wang would hear her.
"Now keys where did I put you? Ah, there you are" Mr Wang reached for the keys when out of nowhere a scream startled him making drop the keys to the floor. "Was that..." Without time to lose Mr Wang reached for one of the real swords he had on display on his office. He ran outside as fast as he could only to be stopped on his tracks to the sight in front of him. His wife was being held down while some kind of creature opened his mouth to reveal the most terrifying pair of teeth. He realized that he was about to bite his wife and without thinking he launched forward screaming and sword in hand. The creature looked up in time to move away at the speed of light. He was sure he had him but he soon realized that the blood in the sword was that of his wife. He looked at her and kneeled "are you okay?" "Yes. Don't worry you just grazed me" Mr Wang could see that her belly was bleeding. If he wasn't an expert on fencing, things would've gotten much worse. "I'm sorry. What is that thing?" "I don't know" she said her voice trembling. Mr Wang got up and stood in front of his wife as a shield. He gripped tight the handle of the sword and took a deep breath to try to calm his nerves. The creature was staying at bay growling at the two of them. Finally, he launched forward but Mr Wang managed to evade him. He looked at him and realized he had cut him on his right shoulder. Unfortunately, with the movement he made blood had splattered all over Mrs Wang. The creature wasn't stopping though, once again he launched forward this time managing to grab Mr Wang's sword with one hand. Mr Wang looked at the creature's right shoulder and realized that his wound was healing. Without realizing it the creature gripped tight the middle of the sword lifting him in the process. Mr Wang wouldn't let go of the sword. He wouldn't let go if it was the last thing he did. His feet were dangling several inches in the air but he still was holding onto the sword. With one swift move the creature threw Mr Wang in the air. He flew several feet across the street hitting the dumpster with one loud thud. Mr Wang felt the pain all over his body. He saw the creature through half closed eyes get close to Mrs Wang and take one long breath savoring the smell of blood coming out of her body. He knelt down in front of a terrified Mrs Wang, growling and smelling her belly. He threw his head back and made a loud growl, simultaneously showing growing teeth coming out of his gums. He was getting ready to gnaw his teeth into Mrs Wang's stomach. Mr Wang realized this was his only chance. With the little force he had left and with the adrenaline pumping in his body he managed to get up, take the sword laying next to him and launched forward screaming in the process. The creature was too enthralled with the smell of blood that he didn't realize what was happening until it was too late. With one long, swift drawl, Mr Wang cut the creature's head off. The head fell with one loud thud onto the street. The kneeling body of the creature followed. Mr Wang turned around to see, to his surprise, that the body was combusting itself. All that remain of the creature was a pile of ashes being blown away by the wind. He dropped the sword making one loud thud onto the concrete. Mr Wang rushed to his wife's side "Honey, are you okay? He didn't touch you did it?" "No, I'm fine you got out just in time" she said holding onto Mr Wang's hand. "Come on, get up. We need to take you to the hospital to tend that wound" Mr Wang said hugging his wife. "We need to check on the baby too." "I'm okay, I got so much adrenaline pumping through my body that it doesn't even hurt" she said touching her belly with a surprised look on her face. "What? What is it?" Asked Mr Wang looking down at her belly. "It doesn't all" she stated looking at his eyes. Mr Wang was sure he had cut her when he fought off that creature. "Let me see" he said grabbing her blouse and lifting it. "My god! It's gone" The wound on her belly had completely disappeared. "It's healed" Mrs Wang looked at where the wound sould be but nothing was there, "What does this mean?" "That creature, I cut his arm but later I noticed that it was completely healed." "When you cut his arm some of his blood splattered over me. Do you think that has something to do with my wound disappearing?" Mrs Wang asked. They looked at each other and then down at her stomach. "What do we do now?" Mrs Wang broke the silence "Should we call the police?" "And tell them what? That we were attacked by some kind of vampire? They would think we're crazy. No. Let's just get you out of those clothes and go down to the hospital to make sure everything is okay with our Gaga." Mr Wang said.
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