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A: Now, this is the first story up. I was going to write my own first but this one came to me much quicker and it felt more important. I figured I may do mine own at some point but not now. In fact, I figured I would incorporate Yugyeom into my explanation but, now that I'm so conscious of it, it seems odd. Yugyeom: Noona, it's fine. In fact, I'll introduce the story. A: ...I did it anyway. Y: I wanted to help anyway. So, to start off, you can find out about the whole series by clicking here. This particular story is for @mavis2478. A: I don't know if she wanted it to be told or not... Y: It's fine. It's fine. She can't get mad at me. Everyone loves a maknae. A: You're getting ahead of yourself... Y: Think you guys can figure out the theme behind this story? We hope you enjoy. A: I feel like you just ignored me... And you didn't write it-- Y: Enjoy, everyone! ^^ A: Yugyeom!
She was worn out to say the least. Her coworkers could probably see it on her face but they were nice enough not to point it out. Just by looking at her, you could see that she was dragging and that there was some sort of gray cloud hanging over her head. The fact that she was still pushing and still trying to smile was interesting enough. How could someone that looked like they had the weight of the world on their shoulders smile so brightly to all the customers of the café and make it seem as though absolutely nothing was wrong with them? How? Two decently rowdy customers came into the café, only really making noise by just how much they were teasing and laughing with one another. There was quite a commotion going on amongst the other customers as well as even some of the employees. Thankfully, it wasn’t too much of a commotion that it was disrupting business. Angel was the waitress for the particular table where the two had been seated. She whipped her order pad from her pocket and waited for the two to quiet down some before taking their orders. Her smile was soft but it was there nonetheless. She had learned to smile naturally around others, customers especially. She always did her best to give the best service that she could regardless of how she was feeling. With a bow of her head, she went to go place the order for them. Once it was filled, she brought back their food as well as their drinks on a tray, placing the items neatly in front of the respective customer. To Angel, they just seemed like two average customers, her mind more focused on just keeping her composure and not breaking down and crying. As she was handed the money to pay for the bill, she noticed the small note on top of it that read “Stay Strong.” Before she realized it, the two men were gone and she was just standing there feeling a bit dumbfounded. Looking at the note again, she spotted an address on the back and furrowed her brows. Well, that was creepy. There was a phone number with it as well. A strong part of her was sending up warning bells and telling her that it wasn’t a good idea but, the more she thought it over, the more she began to question if she even had anything to lose. The two guys honestly seemed really cheerful and sweet the entire time that she served them. Sure, it could be a ruse, but she was more wary about the action of meeting up with strangers rather than meeting up with the two males. She decided to text the number during her break, sending a simple, ‘Hello?’ ‘This is Angel, right?’ ‘It is.’ After that, she exchanged what time she got off of work with what time she should arrive at the address left for her and then was soon back to work. Everything had just been seeming kind of down for her lately and she, truthfully, was expecting to be mugged or something at wherever that place was. As she clocked out, she waved goodbye to the manager that would be locking everything up for the night. She was still hesitant about going. There hadn’t been any promise about her showing up or anything so she didn’t see why she should rush or even make an appearance for that matter. On the other hand, she also hadn’t turned it down. Sighing, she was soon in a taxi, showing the driver the address and letting them take her there. She just looked out of the window at the sky and sighed again, fiddling with her hands in her lap as she tried to think of something other than crying. Every second she spent alone, her shoulders just seemed to feel heavier and heavier. Angel wrapped her arms around herself and rested her head against the window, biting back tears. She wanted to hide away and just disappear forever. Her body was sore all over and she was mentally and emotionally drained. That fighting spirit of hers was diminishing every day it seemed. Even though she didn’t want to realize it, she was hyper aware of the fact that she felt close to her breaking point. The waitress opened her eyes to the sound of the taxi driver calling her, letting her know that they had arrived. She paid them and climbed out of the back of the taxi, checking the address again. It looked like an old and abandoned warehouse, which it was. Biting at her lip, she grew really uneasy about going inside now. Her feet were carrying her there anyway though and it didn’t seem that, even as much as she didn’t want to go, her brain and body fully agreed with those subconscious thoughts. “H-Hello?” She called quietly into the darkness. There was no answer at first but she was soon greeted by a faint light that grew brighter as it grew closer. It was a sparkler. She hummed curiously, meeting it halfway, only to realize it was one of the boys that had been her customer earlier. He smiled brightly at her, dimples pressing into his cheeks as his eyes almost shut completely. Glancing around, there were soon more and more sparklers and then balloons were released that held lights in them. She wasn’t sure what was going on but she could feel her eyes really beginning water now. “Smile, Angel.” A voice came from behind her. Taking a moment to clear her head a little, she realized that she recognized these faces. That was Jackson Wang, and the one in front of her was Kim Namjoon. Actually, it wasn’t just them, but the rest of their groups as well as her co-workers. More of her tears poured out and she couldn’t control them anymore. She broke down and felt her whole body shaking as she sobbed. Everyone took a round hugging her and everyone began to chant, “Smile, Angel. Smile, Angel.” She bowed her head, thanking everyone. “You’ve got a lot of people looking out for you,” Namjoon was speaking, smiling that warm smile of his at her. Jackson was standing beside him now, placing a hand on Angel’s shoulder, “You don’t have to carry everything on your shoulders. There’s always someone to help you, okay?” She was crying again as she saw all the smiling faces, unable to stop herself from smiling through the tears though. She was engulfed by her co-workers in a group hug and didn’t hesitate to take the sparkler that they offered her. For the first time in a long time, she felt lighter than air. Her smile was stronger than her tears and she couldn’t stop smiling as they danced the night away with their sparklers. It may take time, but, she could see it. She wasn’t alone. She wasn’t weak. She didn’t have to cry to herself. She didn’t have to carry the weight of the world on her back. It may take time, but things... Things would be all right. They would get better. ♡
A: I hope that you guys enjoyed the story! This is just the beginning. Please, don't hesitate to send me messages and let me know what you would like to see. Not intending to do any smut though. Y: That would be fun to read though, noona. A: Yugyeom...I thought you left. Y: I'm going to do the whole series with you! A: H-How did you--? Y: Tagging people! ♡ If you do or don't want to be tagged, just say so! @RedeuBelbet @ashleyemmert @kpopandkimchi @amobts @MrsJungHoseok @luna1171 @heidichiesa @emhoover1993 @AaliyahNewbell @Mediamonster @PrettieeEmm @B1A4BTS5ever @TaraJenner @yeniyx23
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thank you! I was shocked at how well you decribed things. This didn't make my day, it made my whole week lol! Thank you🤗
Aw, love, you're so welcome! I'm really glad it cheered you up! You can come to me if you want another story or just to talk, okay? ♡