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The most sinful thing I've made thus far. I followed a recipe from a site called "adventures in cooking" and figured it wouldn't be too hard... I was wrong! This took me all afternoon. Ingredients look simple but the process takes a long time. In the end, had to try a piece but it was sinful since we ate it at midnight! LOL Ingredients & Directions *Chocolate Ganache 1) 2 cups of chocolate chips 2) 1/2 cup of heavy cream = Melt and blend together = Cool for 2 hours at room temp * Caramel 1) 3/4 cup heavy cream 2) 2/3 cup granulated sugar 3) 2/3 cup brown sugar 4) 1/2 cup butter (room temp) 5) 3 tablespoons water 6) 1 teaspoon salt = In saucepan, boil and mix granulate sugar and water = boil until slight brown color = Remove from heat, add everything minus salt = stir = back on heat (low) and simmer and stir (~20min) ***use the lowest heat possible and simmer and stir constantly for at least 20min or the caramel won't be thick enough*** = cool at room temp for 30min 1) Place wrap on pan (make sure the wrap hangs over the baking pan) 2) place mixed nuts in 3) place caramel in 4) place melted chocolate in 5) place in the fridge for at least 4 hours 6) Turn it upside down and it's done! WARNING- Don't make this late evening! You'll end up like me eating it at midnight!
Oh myyyy!!! i have got to try this!!
love the ingredients alreadyyyyyy!!!! yummmmmmm heavy cream, chocolate creammmm!!
Lols thnx 4 dis I wanna make it