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What is life? I have BTS and Got7 killing me right now. It doesn't help that I thought it would be fun to watch some Chinese web dramas... Like, Babe.... I have homework to do and myself to take care of. AND THEN HANBIN HAS ME WORRIED AF. I saw he had an eye patch and I had no idea what happened. I have finally been told that he has an eye infection. It's terrible, but not as bad as I thought.
I have also been really sick. My mom and I have bronchitis, which is no fun. I also got a new cat. Her name is Mya... I swear I didn't name her that! She was our neighbors cat, but she can't have her anymore so now I have her. She has realy bad anxiety and has for some reason latched herself to me. She goes everywhere with me and refuses to be held by anyone but me. I feel like this cat and I were ment for each other.
Here are some random things... ....Melon transform... Same though.
My eye balls have been blessed......thank you
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Guuuuuuuurrrrrlll 😏 have I ever told you that I appreciate you and your existence? Lmfao I luv you soooooooooo much
they put their nipples...I'm just..okay then you not put tape on your nipples? ㅋㅋㅋ