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Learning Korean with TOP's IG Comments
LDH: 정말 잘생겼다 (Jongmal jal-saeng-kyott-da) Really good looking/handsome TOP: 새삼스럽게 왜이래 (sae-sam-seu-reob-ke wae-i-re) Why are you saying this again Vocabulary: 정말: Really, very 잘생겼다: Good looks, handsome 새삼스럽게: sudden, unexpected, again 왜이래: why this Credit: @topsdeleted on IG I guess TOP got flustered hearing how handsome he is 😂. Or he is tired of hearing this every day from all the fangirls? 🤔 Or he got a weird feeling hearing this so often from his friend? 😏😂. Anyways, it goes with the territory of being handsome, you gotta learn to live with it. 😆
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