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So this is going to be a series of cards on what my sister @BrennaTran and I realized after watching the most recent wings video Awake. There is so much information to this that we are going to have to make 5 or 6 cards in order to hit everything.
If you would like to be tagged or untagged in future cards please let me know.
As well as if you have any questions or see any holes in our theory please let us know we’d love to try to answer them in future cards.
One of the biggest debates is what is the order of the videos from the HYYH era. The order that we have come up with is Prologue, I Need U, and Run. We’ll also touch on some other videos in later cards but for now we’re focusing on the big 3.
Due to how much information each of these videos gives we’re going to put them all in their own card.
All other cards are linked here: Card 1
In I Need U one of the first things we see is Jin holding 6 white lily petals. These petals represent the 6 personalities inside Jin. This could be a sign that he is realizing that the other personalities are there. We see Jimin burning a note which in this video doesn’t seem to be very important but his actions are later mirrored in Run when this becomes important. Then we see Jimin add water to the bathtub. This is a sign the the pain and suffering is still growing and a constant stream. Could also mean that Jimin sees more pain coming.
Next we see Suga playing with his lighter. We think he also represents loneliness along with depression and suicide because of how he acts in the video. We get a view of Suga through a mirror which we’ve decided is a sort of “window to the soul” this could show the amount of loneliness and depression that the soul is under. It also looks like this is the same mirror that Rap Monster wrote “You need to survive” on. You can see some sort of writing. We thought that this message is a message to Jin but it would also be a message to the personality that represents suicide.
We’ve decided that JHope also represents self image issues along with attention seeking due to how he stares at himself in the mirror and seems to be really inspecting himself. This would make sense because sometimes, but not in all cases, self image issues can lead to attention seeking because the person wants to hear someone say they look good. Next we see JHope pour out pills into his hand and take them. This is him looking for attention even if it means possibly hospitalizing himself to get it. Also take note that some of the pills fall into the water. A sign that the actions JHope is taking is adding to the pain that Jimin holds.
We also see the beginning of the fight Jungkook is apart of. We think this represents the personalities fighting amongst themselves for dominance. Jungkook never fights back, signifying being the neutral personality, other than shoving them away from himself and that is when Jin opens his eyes.
After Jungkook shoves back we see Jin open his eyes and set the petals in a beam of light. Demian tries to get Sinclair to embrace the darkness in order to find the light and this could show that need to find the light. Then Jin burns the petals, it’s time for him to gain back control and what better way to erase the personalities but to burn them to ash.
Now we see some scenes showing how Rap Monster represents responsibility. He’s the only one we see who works. We also start seeing V and Rap Monster around each other more and we believe that, that is because overall V does the most damage to the heart and innocence. We also see the car drive off away from Rap Monster. If cars are realizations then this could be Jin realizing he will have to leave his innocence behind.
Next we see more scenes of Jungkook’s fight scene. He never fights back and just takes the beating. We then see JHope collapse from taking the pills and shortly after or at the same time Jungkook collapses too. Right now it seems like everything we see happening is going to add to the anger fueling V. Then we see Jimin out of the bathtub and the bathtub is overflowing because the pain is continuing to grow and is becoming too much. It looks like Jimin is watching something and almost looks scared. At this point we can guess that V is in control and has lost all patience.
Then the video shows Jin with a glowing lily over his heart. Again solidifying the fact that Jin is the lily and the 6 petals of the lily are the personalities. Also the lily being over the heart shows that the personalities have control over his heart. Something important to note is that Jin is in the dark and the only thing glowing is the lily. Another clue showing that getting rid of the personalities and taking back control will help him find the light.
At the same time as V’s anger erupting we see a car heading straight at Jungkook. Jin has had a realization and Jungkook is the all knowing personality and sees it. We believe Jin has realized that he has no control over himself. As well as this could also be Jin realizing that he is causing pain to himself by not taking back control. The reason we think this is because Jungkook is the only one to show physical wound and we thought the fighting was the idea of the personalities fighting amongst themselves and the car is heading towards Jungkook.
Then we have the infamous fight scene. Where the anger or V erupts and kills the father figure that we believe represents the abuse. Immediately after this scene we see Jimin the protector slide down into the bathtub showing that the pain and suffering is becoming too much and he’s starting to drown in it. This is because in that one action V has tripled the pain level.
Jin looks out a window at the same time which is most likely a continuation of his realization. He’s looking for the light he’s beginning to look for a way out. A way to take back control.
Now we begin to see the aftermath of V’s actions. How what he did affects the other personalities and Jin. With an eruption of anger and eruption of pain follows and we see a brief clip of a crying V being held by Rap Monster. V’s action did the most damage to the heart and the innocence.
We then see Jin crying. He is beginning to feel the pain that the personalities are causing, he’s starting to the the darkness in his heart, as well as most likely feeling pain for what he has to do next. It’s time for him to start taking back control, grow up and shed the personalities.
Next we see all of the personalities playing around with a car. This isn’t so much a realization as it is Jin remembering how much fun he had with the personalities and how much he prefered being ignorant to what they were doing.
Suga pours gasoline around the room showing the depression, suicide and loneliness is growing after V’s actions. Which would make sense due to the fact that the anger led to killing a person.
JHope throws his pills on the fire. We have felt the fire is an extension of Suga’s personality. Depression is like an uncontrollable fire it takes over and burns through your life. JHope throwing the pills in the fire can show that he’s adding to the depression.
We see the lollipop becoming a cigarette which confirms the loss of innocence. Finally Suga in a room filled with flames. Showing that the depression is growing stronger and beginning to take over.

Japanese Version

The Japanese version is a little more in your face with the clues so this video will be a little bit easier. First thing we see is JHope looking in the mirror again we think he also represents self image issues which can go along with the attention seeking.
As usual we see Rap Monster standing near a mirror. The heart and soul always nearby each other. Then we see Suga pictured with an image of the white lily. The white lily represents Jin and each petal represents a different personality.
We see V looking boxed in with what looks like no way out. He’s hugging himself and looking lost, which gives us an idea of his mindset and why he kills the father figure.
Next we see Rap Monster rub black paint on the mirror. We think this represents the moment V kills the father figure and shows how the murder is leaving a dark mark on the heart and soul. We’re not sure what the mirror says but could be the “you need to survive” message again. If it is that message then it could say that there is a loss of innocence and that surviving isn’t enough.
Following the marking on the mirror we see V toss lily petals into the air. The best we can figure out this is V showing that with his actions he has put all of the personalities into chaos.
The next thing of note is we see Jimin with his bathtub. He pulls a white lily petal out of the bathtub. In the Korean version this would be where he starts sinking into the bathtub. So we believe this to be a sign that his personality is drowning in the pain.
We see a brief glimpse of JHope sitting on the floor of a bathroom surrounded by pills. Going off what happens in the Korean version we can assume that he has taken them and based on this scene happening after Rap Monster rubs the black paint on the mirror we’re guessing that all of the personalities are feeling the effects of what V did and may be slipping into a depression. Which would cause Suga’s personality to grow stronger.
We see Jin sleeping in a bed of lilies continuing with the theory that he represents the full lily. It also looks like he is just waking up and this is happening after the dark mark was placed on the heart. Next we see him holding six petals. We think this series of scenes represents Jin waking up and realizing that the personalities have control.
We see something important happen next. Jungkook sets one petal of the lily on fire. Then we see the picture of the lily behind Suga catch fire. These are the only two personalities that we see pictured with a full lily other than Jin and that’s partially why this is significant. Jungkook is the neutral all knowing personality so he can see what is happening with the other personalities that is why we see him with a full lily. The petal he sets fire to represents Suga and we have already said that we think fire represents growing depression. So we think the reason Jungkook sets the petal on fire is because he sees the depression growing stronger and spreading amongst the other personalities. Which is why we see Suga with a full lily that catches fire. It shows that his personality is growing stronger after what V did and that it is spreading to other personalities.
Finally we see Jin sitting on his bed holding a butterfly. We see him look at it then it flies away. This is a very very important step that has to do with Demian. We have said how the butterfly represents Eva and she is what helps keep Jin (Sinclair) calm and sane. The thing is Eva can’t stay. She represents Sinclair’s childhood and in order for him to grow up he has to face the darkness and shed his personalities. Demian can only come and help Sinclair when Eva leaves and the loss of innocence of the murder represents the turning point where Jin can’t ignore what’s happening anymore. It’s time for him to take control and that is why Eva leaves.
I’m not going to go too in depth about the lyrics but I do want to touch on them. I Need U is all about being in love with a woman who has left. This could represent Eva because she is Sinclair’s mother figure and his romantic interest.
This is all just our opinion and what my sister and I gathered from watching the videos. We do not own any of these pictures nor claim to. We hope to have the next card out soon.