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Here is the link to the full ep, Eng Sub! Instead of two episodes this concept is all in one ep and they annouced the results differently this time too. They reveal the top 3 http://subsajang.blogspot.com/2016/09/hit-stage-episode-9-english-sub.html?m=1
Bitto from up10tion! His concept was nice and I especially liked the last half of his performance. The beginning was nice too tho~ DIA members were nice! I wish they put more feeling behind their moves but overall it was good! I liked their concept Chanjo from TeenTop did a Mad Max concept! They combined many different styles of dance really well!! Like I was really impressed!! His crew was 3D color who I now know kind of well. He also used some awesome props to add to the performance! Def loved this performance! Omg Ten from NCT U was fantastic~ legit blown away, especially the entire ending of his performance!! They threw a plot twist in their stage concept!! It was SO COOL! His assassin concept had so much charisma! Ten & his crew, prepix are soooo in sync is impressive and admirable! Some of the moves and choreography effects they pulled off were really good & for sure not easy moves to nail so well! *fangirls~* also Ten got all 10 hit the panel judges votes! Hyoyeon from Girls Generation was really good! It was a mix od sexiness and coolness. All the dancers were sooo im sync! She and her crew really performed very well! I really liked it! Min from Miss A, concept was a fight within herself. She had this glitter dusk effect and it was reeeally cool~ Very strong popping/hip hop choreography. She had good facial expressions too! She also got all 10 hit the panel judges votes! Yugyeom from GOT7~ I saw a few fellow kpop vinglers posting about his performance & I love it too! & LOL i loved the backstage stuff with Yugyeom & GOT7 members & Ten <3 haha anyways the concept was from the movie 21 and I thought this performance showed off Yugyeoms skills very nicely~ He also had great facial expressions and it was overall a really cool performance! The choreography with his jacket was reeeally cool! Also damn! When he feel backwards!! So cool~ Cant forget the glow in the dark shoes!! He also got all 10 hit the panel judges votes Haha I think you guys know what performances were my favorite~ But which ones are your? my top 3 favs were actually the 3 crews that got the top 3 scores! ^^ Changjo was my next fav tho after those 3!