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When you don't know how to express your feelings to her.
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@ZacharyStewart Actually he does it's a rule you have to put a buffer picture beofore that states if it has mature content or if it has spoilers because this is supposed to be a family friendly app
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@AnimeFreak484 ok that's better. to avoid any misunderstanding but must anime I watched was recommended to me by teens.
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That's. it what I mean like if you want to post ecchi you have to use a buffer card
a year ago
@AnimeFreak484 show this supposed rule
a year ago·Reply
@ZacharyStewart I've been told on multiple accounts that you do ask the moderator of the anime community or the ecchi moderator @hikaymm @KillerJuggalo38
a year ago·Reply
@AnimeFreak484 get you let it be, it's off plus it's art not showing nude. if sexiness is a crime I guess we all be guilty.
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@MichaelLopez hey dude keep up the good work
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