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Ok this here is the last time Natsu saw Lucy. Before he passed out, he saw Lucy in pain and suffering in a battle.
here Lucy calls out for Natsu to help her (even though Lucy slays and doesn't need Natsu to save her). anyways she calls for him before her eyes could be taken out
I believe Natsu's END power thing was awakened to protect Lucy. I mean he, END, protected Lucy. I don't believe END is truly all bad. or maybe Natsu has control right now. I don't know but I can't wait until next week's chapter. I might be wrong about his power being awakened to protect Lucy, but he did protect her. one of the strongest and baddest people out there saving her.. what do you all think? I also hope Juvia and Lucy interfere in Gray and END's fight :) I knew this was all gonna happen but it happened too soon
No it hadn't fully it had just started growing inside him. It didn't truly awaken until he awoke to Lucy yelling for him. He is fighting it at the moment wanting to be himself as he drags Zeref to hell with him. At least that's what I interpret from this.
I know what u are saying its not bad its a really good theory.Im thinking of the same thing
@AngelicaAlaniz I concur unfortunately
@AlishiaDavis me too but knowing hiro I don't think it will.
@whatamooy yessss me too
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