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Reach out part 1

I saw her. "I'll only know you" I followed her eyes. "Even if my breath ends." And she stopped. "Cause you are the one" -'Perfect Man' by shinhwa Her eyes looked through the books on the shelf. And I followed them. Walking together at the same pace. Even if she was on the other side of the shelf, we were in sync. That's when, her eyes laid on mine. I quickly acted like I was looking for a book. I was able to tell she was a little surprised, but she smiled. After a while, she picked a book and sat down. I sat few tables in front of her and opened a random book. I looked over the book to try and see her. The way she concentrated on her book was really pretty. Her eyes were soft, but had an intense side. Every time she flipped her bangs over was heaven to me. She suddenly looked over and giggled silently. I had earphones in so I couldn't hear anything, but I was able to see that we made eye contact. She got out of her seat and came over. I wasn't nervous, but the fact that she came over here without warning, was a little startling. She flipped my book over... ...right side. I "read" my book backwards. She took out one of my earphones and whispered, "Nice book you got there." I reached out and grabbed her wrist. "What's your name?" "My name is y/n." She smiled and asked, "What's your name?" I answered, "My name is Min Yoon Gi." "Nice to meet you Min Yoon Gi, I'll see you next time." Eureka The next week, I went to the library and saw her again. This time I slowly creeped up to where she was sitting. "Hey y/n!" "Shhhh!!!" The librarian hissed. She giggled, "Excited to see me?" I cleared my throat in embarrassment. "So, what book are you reading?" "Demian" "That doesn't sound too bright." "It isn't." "Tell me about it." "So, it's about this guy-" She started to explain on what the book was about, and I couldn't help but think, 'How are we getting along so fast?' "-Yep. That's pretty much it." I nodded and answered, "You know, it's only been the second time meeting eachother, but we are really getting along fast." "I guess we are." She shrugged with a small smile. Then she said, "Maybe it's not only the second time." I decided to walk her home. I mean, we were students. (College) We go to the library after school, so it was always late when we got out of the library. As we walked to her house, we introduced ourselves more clearly and got to know each other much more better. When we came closer to her house, she stopped. There was a guy in front of her house. Tall, handsome, but didn't look trustworthy. "Hey, do me a favor." "Huh?" "Please just pretend to be my boyfriend." I didn't have a reason to reject that request but I was curious. "Why?" "You see that guy over there?" "Yeah?" "He's my ex and he's a pain in the butt." "Ok.. Tell me about this more later." She quickly held my hand and and acted like we came back from a date. Her ex started to come over to us. Didn't look happy. "Wasn't that fun Yoongi oppa?" "Yeah, that movie-" "Who' this?", her ex blurted out. "Why are you here Taehyung?" Taehyung, so that's his name. "I just wanted to check how my babe's doing." Babe? Really? "Move." "Is this your boyfriend? That's funny." I got a little pissed. "Yes, I am her boyfriend. I don't see what's funny about that." I snapped. "What's funny is that you look too low to be hers." OOOOH, he was on my nerves now. "You know what's hilarious? Your face makes me gag" And I acted like I was puking. I guess that threw him off, because he let out a deep breath and rolled his eyes. "Hey, yoongi-" "Yoongi? Is that your name? Well, you're pretty short, but you don't look too stupid, so..... wouldn't that brain of yours sign you to fuck off?"" "Yeah, I'm short, I might not have the most smartest brains, but at least it's not wimpy enough to stop texting your girlfriend for about.. 5 days at least? To want the girl to break up with you, so you can have fun with that other bitch of yours you're hiding." "The F-" I shoved my finger infront of his face and ticked it back and forth. "I'm not done yet. And I'm not wimpy like you are to come back to your ex because she broke up with you. I mean, at least you date smart and brave girls. They actually make the right choice to break up with you." I turned around to y/n, and said, "Aren't I right jagi?" I reached out for her shoulder and pulled her in closer. "Let's go home" And we left him out standing there, while we went inside. She looked at me, "That was pretty savage." "Yeah, I'm kind of savage." She laughed. That was the start of our little love story.
I wouldn't expect anything less than savage from Yoongi
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wow i like the end haha savage yoongi but awwww my poor baby tae although he deserves it i have to say
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