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Jinhwan: Jinwhan would inhale against your skin as his hand ran up and down your body. You would lick your lips and open your eyes and then he would make sure you were both in a position to look into each other’s eyes. Your hand would go to his heat and his would come to yours. You would slowly and steadily mimic each other’s movements. His other hand would come up to cup your face and pop out your bottom lip when you tried to bite it. At first you both would lazily move but as the birds started to sing, so would you. Jinhwan would bring his lips to yours as you both came. Both of you moaning into each others open mouths. You would cry on his lips and he’d groan on yours, his hot air pushing onto your face. You would both be holding each other and you’d feel his smile on your skin as you both pant away your release. “Good morning, baby.” He’d say and his voice would remind you that he had just woken up. All sexy and deep and rough..
Yunhyeong: You’d turn around with a humph and he’d smile at your sound with his eyes stilled closed. He would look so beautiful in the morning light that you wouldn’t be able to help your lip as it pulled in between your teeth. “Yunhyeong.” You’d whisper and he groan sexily at his name on your lips. The sound causing you to bite down harder. You would bring your hand up to touch him. Anywhere, his face, his arm, his lips. Just somewhere to touch as you kiss his chin. His arms would flex to hold you tighter and you’d kiss up to his lips. He’d hum at the sudden touch and his eyes would tug open. Yunhyeong would smile weakly at you and you’d bring your body closer to push against him. “Y/N..?” He’d drag and you’d bring your lip back in between your teeth. Then you bring your knee up against him and he’d groan at the contact. His eyes would fall closed and you’d slip under the covers in search of his morning wood. Yuhyeong would groan as you found him and your name would stumble from his lips again and then you’d kiss him. And lick him. And suck him. And dear god help me. The little morning grunts and hums would be so fucking sexy. Your hips would constantly be pushing into the mattress as you started sucking on Yunhyeong. His hands would push down the covers so he could watch you and then he’d start to play with the hair around your face. Your name would spill from his mouth beautifully as he came and you’d lay on his chest to feel his heavy breathing. Yunhyeong would catch on quickly and turn so he was on top of you. He’d carefully kiss down your body and you’d express how well he was doing. Your praise would keep him moving and he’d lower himself until he was looking up at you from between your legs with a question in his eye. Yunhyeong would really enjoy licking you slowly over and over as he recovers from his own orgasm.
Jiwon: He would smirk and maybe even chuckle darkly as he pushed his body against you, his eyes closed from sleep. You’d hum and groan at the feeling of him and his hands would start exploring your body as you lazily opened your eyes. Jiwon would push his head into you skin, anywhere he could; shoulder, neck, arm, stomach, pussy. Anywhere he was near his head would push into you. He’d want you to be incased in him, as if you were his favorite pillow. If it wasn’t his tongue, he would play with your clit using his fingers. Circle after circle and your little moans and whines would have his hips bucking into your lower back and rubbing circles of his own onto your skin. After you both came you’d be tired again and fall asleep and he’d get up to make you breakfast with the biggest fucking smile on his face.
Hanbin: His plush lips would push against the back of your shoulder and you’d groan. Thinking that he was awake you’d turn in his arms to find him actually asleep. Your eyes would focus on his lips and then you’d simply have to kiss him. It would be his turn to groan and his lips would part with the sound. You’d kiss him again and then again, after another you’d lay back into the bed and smile at the morning air. “Don’t stop.” He’d mumble and you’d bite your lip as his eyes pulled open. Hanbins arms would quickly pull you into him and you’d yelp softly as his lips pushed into yours and you feel how hard the morning make out had made him against your bare skin. Hanbins hands would travel under the covers and groan as he finds your center. You would bite your lip and then search for his heat with your hand. “You’re so wet..” Hanbin would groan as you spread his precome with your thumb. “Did you dream of me?” He’d ask and you would nod for him. His eyes would still be partly closed but he would groan at your answer. His lazy fingers would pet you softly and you would do the same to him. After you both came on each others hands Hanbin would wrap you in his arms and kiss your face. “I dreamt of you too.” He’d say and you’d smile against his skin.
Donghyuk: You would shift as you felt pleasure swarm through your body but you wouldn’t quite understand it. Your eyebrows would push up to meet as you pushed your legs towards each other but the were stopped by something. You hear a hum and open your eyes. Immediately you whine at the open windows and move your arms to cover your eyes. You try to turn your body but hands stop you and you moan as you feel that warm pleasure again. Looking down you would see something moving under the covers and you would pick up the fluffy material to see Donghyuks head. He would hum into you and your back would pick up as your sudden arousal started to force you awake. He would eat you slowly as you woke up and tease your release until you were begging him. Just when all the sleep was tongue fucked out of your voice he would let you come around his wet muscle. Donghyuk would smile as he came up from between your legs and grabbed your face. You would moan as he pushed his tongue into your mouth and taste yourself on him.
Junhwe: His hand would be on your hip, his fingers doing circles. Your head would be resting on his arm and he would flex to tell you to look at him. With his lips pressed together he would slide form your hip to your pelvic bone and then tease over your panties. You would push against his hand and he would turn you. Your face facing his as he took your hand and placed it over his chest. You knew what to do next and as he pushed into your panties you would ride your fingers down his chest and rub his tent from outside of his underwear. He would lazily move his fingers as the morning light came into the room. His unmonitored groans would push against your face and feed your arousal. Junhwe would push his head into your neck but when he felt like you would come he would come back up to watch your face.
Chanwoo: Your back would be arched high as you opened your eyes. Your body had already started the beginning stages of sweating but you hadn’t even woken up yet. You’d whine and twist your hips as something pulled in your stomach. Beside you, Chanwoos arm would hold you still as he pushed his fingers deeper inside of you. You’d groan softly as you look at him. His lip in between his teeth, his eyebrows pushing together softly as his fingers reached places in you you didn’t know existed. “Chanwoo..” You’d mewl with a breath as your hips pushed into his touch. Your shoulders would twist with a little whine but he’d continue to hold you still. You hand would find his member and you’d softly pet him. He’d groan and growl as you softly moved your hand and fingers over him. “Y/N.” He’d groan and you’d bite your lip. “Damn, baby. Don’t stop.” He’d hiss through his teeth and you’d continue till you both were shaking. The first thing you did that morning was come, hard. So hard that you’d forget what your schedule was.
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how can precious Jin be like this he looks so soft and sweet and then bam he's just....Yes 😭😭❤❤❤❤
Is it me or does it look like Jiwon has a clear tongue piercing?