Today it's going to my second bae from my marshmallow to my puppy-eyed oppa, Jung Jungkyun!!!!! And I just realized I saved 62 photos of him from my FB album... You can see I'm a bit crazy for him and BIGFLO in general lol
Jung Jungkyun Born Nov 27, 1987 He's Korean He's a former member N-Train He's now the leader of the amazingly talented 6-member boy group, BIGFLO. He has FOUR dogs and a younger brother.
His body is like Dayum. His arms are like Dayum.
His collarbones are like Dayum.
I'm wondering if a button ever popped on that shirt and if it did, how often lol
He's loves dogs, most likely animals in general as he's even holding Yuseong's hamster
And he looked both hot and adorable during the time he was in N-Train.
Jungkyun enlisted early June of this year and I miss him dearly.
He's currently a public service officer. I'd say he looks really handsome in that uniform.
And the sweet and goofy moments he shares with his younger members is too much.
I'm sure it's a handful dealing with 5 youngsters lol Yet they are willing to act crazy together
Did I mention how he also has a very close resemblance to History's leader Song Kyungil? Born one day apart, it amazes me how much they look alike lol They seriously need to meet one day and take a selca together. That would be my dream come true! Side note: and the best part is Kyungil is also enlisting as a public service officer!!