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Namjoon pushed the snapback toward you. “Choose.” He said, a sweet smile stretching over his face. Great. You thought. It’s not that you don’t want to play, don’t get it wrong, it could be fun. It could, however, also be competently miserable. Just think about how burdening it could be! Imagine you’re sitting there and Jungkook’s all like “….. What now?” and he looks up at you with his sweet big eyes and then you’re looking at him, knowing how to play the game but not knowing how to explain it to him. What do you do then? How could you even try to take his innocents like that? Who could do that? You reached into the hat and swished the papers around a bit. Inhaling softly you pulled out a red strip of paper and hoped to everything you believe in, that it would all be okay. “Who was red again?” Namjoon said looking around at his members. From the other side of the room, at the desk beside of the radio Jungkook looked up from his English work book. “Me, Hyung. Why?” Great. Taehyung walked the two of you to the door in silence. You didn’t mean to jinx it and yet you didn’t really mind. Once inside Taehyung slowly closed the door whispering “Seven minutes…” With wide eyes as he did. The room was nice, as nice as you would expect for teachers at a private school. There was a long dark wooded table in the middle of the room. Water and cola bottles could be seen from the small glass refrigerator. The sofa looked cozy and there was a glow coming from the windows that made the room somewhat peaceful. With an exhale Jungkook seated himself on the black leather recliner that matched the sofa, where you moved to sit. He scratched his head and then instinctively fixed his hair, shuffling in his seat as he tried to make himself comfortable. It was a bit awkward to watch him fidgeting like this. “So,” you said, grabbing his attention, freezing him. “How are you?” You finish a bit awkwardly. He rolled his shoulders and looked down, breaking eye contact. Okay, you thought. This is where he looks up at you with his big beautiful eyes and says something that melts your heart. “It’s just,” Jungkook says, slowly looking up at you. A shiver shoots up your spine, correcting your posture as you look into his shiny eyes. “When, Namjoon Hyung told me how to play this game, I was a bit distracted because I have been trying to focus on my English studies, so I don’t have time for games.” He shifts in his chair and continues. “As much as this is nice and being here with you is amazing, I can’t focus on this moment because I’m going through English vocabulary in my head right now. You know what I mean?” Jungkook said moving his hands as he spoke and then touching his head again. Asking the question was useless. Your jaw had dropped and your eyes had widened since he said “…told me how to play this game.” Nice Namjoon, real nice. You tried to blink away your shock. You inhaled through your nose and rolled your own shoulders. “English,” you tested. You had studied abroad, you knew English, and in fact it even comes easy to you. Yeah. No. “English is hard.” He said with a pout. Yes, yes English is hard, very hard, not in any way easy. “What are you working on right now?” You ask, questioning your own skills. If it was City Capitals he was going down, no way would you be able to help him with that. Cute animals on the other hand, now that, he might come out learning something new about. “Body parts,” He said, knotting his fingers together, his long fingers. You licked your lips. You feel as confidence twists with a rush of adrenaline and the sensation quickly takes over your whole body. “Oh yeah?” You said, standing up. “Why don’t we play a game then?” You suggest, waiting for the circulation to return to your legs. Jungkook looked up at you, and then looked you once over, his eyes catching every inch of you. “What kind of game?” He said, his gaze pausing at your eyes and then shooting down to your lips. “A vocabulary game.” You say stepping out of your shoes, the carpet feeling soft against your socks. Jungkook kept his eyes on yours while he kicked of his own shoes. His mouth parted with anticipation. You walked over to him, stopping at his knees. “If you know what it is in English, I’ll kiss it.” You said and you watched as Jungkooks eyes widen up at you. “Are you sure?” He said with a bit of a stutter. The sound causing you to bite at your spreading smile. “Yes.” You assure him. “It’s the game right? Let’s have some fun, Jungkook.” You said trying to keep your voice smooth. “Okay.” He agreed with a small nod and a lick of his lips. You took the agreement as a green light and pulled yourself onto his lap. Your knees on either side of his thighs. Jungkook licked his lips, pulling his head up he let his eyes wonder on you. His eyes searched everywhere, not just your eyes but your body and if you hadn’t been looking at his mouth you wouldn’t have noticed the small smirk. “Forehead,” He said and with the promise of the game you bent down and placed your lips in the middle of his forehead. Moving your hands to the back of the chair you closed your eyes, three seconds later you parted from his head and blinked away the little light that had somehow gotten into your eyes. He shifted under you. “Cheek,” Jungkook said calmly. You slowly made your way down the side of his face and softly kissed his cheek. Adjusting your hair over your shoulder so you could kiss the other. He shifted again, this time with a sharp inhale and a quick clear of his throat. “Eyes.” He said with a bit of question as you moved closer to him, your waist now pressing on his chest. You stretch your legs to better line up your lips with his eyes and you felt him exhale right below your breasts. You stifled back a moan as the hot air pushes against your chest. “Nose.” He said with his voice finally weakening under your power. You placed the tip of your nose on the bridge of his and slowly slid down, stopping when your lips touched the bottom of his nose. He pushed out a breath and you felt the hot air on your neck. “Ear.” He said worn out, his voice giving. You smile and adjust yourself on top him. Jungkook holds his breath at you move. You push his face to the side with one hand while the other pushed the back of his neck closer to your lips so you could reach his ear better. You kissed right above his ear canal and pulled his head so you could do the same to the other. Jungkook shifted under you again. You heard him lick his lips, his throat suddenly dry. Jungkooks hands balled to fists behind you. “Earlobe.” He said with a slight pant to his tone. You calmly leaned back just a little and then his hands were on you, on your waist pushing you against him. Against his growth, causing you to moan in his ear before you caught his lobe and sucked on it slightly. Jungkook moaned and pulled you closer, almost in a hug before his grip loosened so you could shift on him. Resting your forearms on his shoulders you looked him in the eyes, his beautiful eyes. His chest rose against yours and then fell again only to repeat. Jungkook looked over your face carefully and you wondered what he was thinking. “Lips.” His voice was hungry but he spoke the word almost as a question. You smiled. “And here I thought you were an idiot.” You said and he broke the space before you could smile. Jungkooks lips crashed on yours and his tongue instantly found your lip, licking for access. His mouth silenced your sudden moan as his tongue slides against yours. You pushed against him and he groaned into you, his grip tightening on your waist as he lifted you both up. You pulled away from the kiss in shock and without hesitation Jungkooks lips pushed onto your neck. Jungkook walked the both of you over to the sofa and laid you gently down on it, wasting no time in pulling his shirt off. He adjusted you so that you would both fit in the narrow space, his knees entrapping yours. His lips found yours as his hand found the hem of your shirt, soon forgotten as he found the base of your bra. His tongue explored your mouth as he pulled you up only a little and tried to undo the clasp. You pushed against his tongue with your own and his fingers slipped from around the little clasp. He freed his tongue from your rule and tried the clasp again as he pushed yours down to the bottom of your mouth to lick up the length of your tongue. Jungkooks fingers slipped again as you wiggled your way out of his dominance. Jungkook groaned roughly and broke away from the kiss, leaving small rough kisses down your neck and around to your shoulder. He used both of his strong hands to free you from your bra before returning eagerly to your lips. You feel his smirk on your lips as he kisses yours and his hand slides under your shirt again. You lifted your waist and waved against him to say that you were becoming impatient. Jungkook pulled back to give you room and then peeled you out of your shirt only to guide himself back down to your lips and fight for dominance. You blindly reached for his pant button and quickly found it with your thumb. Jungkook pulled your hands away by your wrists and placed them on either side of your head. He kissed harder on your lips with a groan as you pull at his gentle yet demanding grasp. “Not yet,” Jungkook breathed from around your lips, he released your hands and moved his lips away from yours, regrettably. Jungkook moved down your neck and collar bone to your breasts, where he went to town. His tongue found every angle around one while his hand was massaging the other. He kisses his way down to your stomach with little groans against your skin that have you humming your moans. Jungkooks fingers undid your pant button and then he looked up your body. He crawled up your stomach slowly. “Now.” He said meeting your lips again. Your lips parted instantly. Your tongue greeting him, welcoming him back but refusing to go down without a fight for control. Your hands found his pants fast and following the waist band you found the button. Undoing it and tugging his pants around his waist he slipped yours off with your panties as he kicked away his own. Jungkook kissed your neck he fixed himself on top of you, preparing himself. His eyes glowing as he stares down at you. Jungkook brings his lips to yours, his lips passionate but inpatient. He moves inside of you and you moan. Instantly loving the feeling of him. You moan, arching up and looking up at him to see a small smile as he moves to balance himself in the small space. His lips come to your skin. Kissing everywhere he can as you moan for him. Jungkook moves with ease, enjoying you, possessing you. Jungkook parts his lips over your collarbone, his breathing increasing. You can feel his hot, sexy breath against your shoulder and face. He starts twisting his hips from side to side and you moan with every one of his moves. You close your eyes, feeling the buildup inside of you as his pace quickens. You moan against his chest and he pushes deeper into you. With another moan he’s moving quicker and then another and he’s moving harder. His hot air pushing against your skin, his breathing is fast and unsteady, not unlike yours. You feel your body quivering, your insides shaking as he continues. “Come on,” He pushes out through gritted teeth. Jungkooks strained voice was full of determination and it sends you over the edge. You push your head into the sofa as you cry out, your insides pushing against each other; no longer knowing what goes where. He pushes into you again and suddenly slows, reaching his climax. Jungkooks hands grabbing for your wrists and pinning them before slowly relaxing wordlessly on top of you. A humming sound came to your ears as you panted. Jungkook, ever so slowly, moves down and rests his head on your breasts, closing his eyes; taking a minute. “You deserve it.” You say without knowing you had said it out loud. A small smile spreads on his face as Jungkook snuggles into you. “So do you.” He said. He pursed his lips together as to kiss you, but he was too far away and had no energy to move, so instead he blindly kissed the inside of your breast. And then you closed your eyes.

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The innocence of Kookie is gone!!! I can only imagine what your gonna do with Jin!!!
I don't know how I should feel lol since I'm V and Jimin's age...I feel like a pedo even tho I did nothing lol. Oh god this is why I usually don't read fanfictions 😭😭 I'm unholy! I need to go bathe in holy water!! Omg I feel like I've sinned! Lol but it was good 😁😁
heaven help me my husband is next I'm not gonna make it. my baby down killed me now you got my husband I just can't right 😭😭😭😂😂😂❤❤❤❤
You always do this when I'm not ready 😩 I don't know if I can handle Jin next! I liked the way this one was set up though, it was clever!
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