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UPDATED: September 26
• #VIXX Ravi & SuperBee // single: September 27
• #B1A4 Sandeul // solo debut: October 4
• #SF9 // debut: October 5
• #SHINee // full album: October 5
• #BTS // full album: October 10
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im sorry my kpop friends but this means war. i will whole heartly support Shinee during their comback. this year has been killing kpop fans everywhere with all the come backs!
a year ago·Reply
WOO! I'm so excited for SHINee! And lay, and BTS, and finally, Chanyeol!
a year ago·Reply
I actually listened to Yuu Seung Woo's song, it's really good
a year ago·Reply
Im gonna be dead before Christmas tbh.
a year ago·Reply