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Girl groups are so often forced into concepts that are all the same because hey, that's what sells.

But these are 5 examples of girl groups that totally changed the Kpop game!

1. AOA

AOA may seem a little like a typical girl group now, but when they debuted they were actually a musical group! Playing drums, guitar, bass, and keyboard, the girls totally rocked out.
Check out their song Elvis!

2. Wonder Girls

The Wonder Girls have always put out viral hit after viral hit, but they really changed up the game when they took up instruments too! After their comeback with I Feel You they completely changed the Kpop scene and I'm SO in love!

3. After School

I've already made a card about how intense After School is, but with their incredible commitment to their concepts, After School is one of the main girl groups that inspire the younger generation!

4. Glam

While more girl groups are using more complicated dance moves, Glam was the first to really incorporate bboying in their choreography!

5. Mamamoo

From Hwasa refusing to fit the body standards of the current Kpop scene, to their vocals being out of this world. Mamamoo refuses to be sexualized in ways that they don't like. If they want to be sexy, they are - but if they want to be funny, no one will stop them.

Who else deserves to be on this list!?

I freaking love hwasa she's my female boo right next to cl
definitely exid. they aren't afraid to confront sexism
I would have to say 2NE1, Orange Caramel and F(x).
Thank you for this! Girl groups rock and they generally have to work much harder than the boys do in order to prove themselves.
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