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So I was on tumblr the other day when I came across this post and I was like no kidding!!!


He's the hyung...he's the hyung...he's the hyung...oh who am I kidding protect the cinnamon bun!!!


Can't tie an apron...I'm not even joking even during his vlive someone had to tie it for him


PROTECT ZHANG YIXING AT ALL COSTS!!! DON'T ASK ME WHY YOU JUST HAVE TO!!!! He is the cinnamon roll or cinnamon rolls...check out here, here, here, here, and here...ok I'll stop now...


Can barely boil water...


Lets not forget that he is called as Whiny Dae not only in EXO but even in SM...he might act all macho man and stuff but he's just like a cat that craves attention...


I think this post covers it all...I even spoke about his ONE hoodie obession here


He's was awkward then he's awkward now...


Do even have to explain this kid needs to be protected. Period. PS He wanted to make the food spicy for the others and ended up eating it...


Sassy Sehun, expresionless Sehun, Diva Sehun...no matter what he is still the glue of EXO...the maknae who cried when talking about ot12...the brat who makes Suho's life hard but cares about him
Yes they performed Artificial Love but don't forget their chibis off stage
Yixing being called daddy and getting so flustered will always be the death of me. and when he saw the little girl dear god he kills me. I volunteer to protect him and Chanyeol cause ghetto just my babies and Chen
Oh ! I forgot! The cooking show with Suho and Baekhyun, Do you know where I can find it or if it has aired? I haven't heard much about it.
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The preview shows it all...its on youtube btw XD
@salo it was during exo kiss the radio back in 2013 its on YouTube
thank you for letting me know! I will look for it :)
Can I just adopt them all? 😂 I'm good at taking care of people and have 10 years of mom experience.
my precious babies hahas definitely need to protect them all Love this card lols 💖😃❤❤
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