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*exhales* There has been a lot going on today~ Just in case Monbebe didn't remember yesterday/today (September 26) is a really special day for us. It's 1 year already since our name was given.
I was going to make a card yesterday, but things came up sorry. BUT I remember cringing so much a year ago because of the name. I wouldn't be able to say it lol & look at me now! It's my most used word now after Monsta X, of course. lol I've honestly met so many great monbebe that I'm really grateful for. Thanks guys!

Happy Monbebe Day!

But can we talk about how amazing Monsta X is and how they keep spoiling us!!! They released and surprised us so much today for Monbebe Day!!

First of all, dropping that Minhyuk Oath!!

@JohnEvans made a card HERE!!!

Then, also releasing some amazing pictures that nearly killed us!!

•Right @IsoldaPazo ?! You can see those pictures HERE!!

Monsta X members were also awesome to personally draw and post their drawings with some sweet words on the fan cafe for Monbebe!! Sweet right?

Only posting the drawings, but if you want to know the translation or their full note from a specific member just ask me and I'll go ahead and send it to you when I get the chance~ DRAWING AUTHOR IN ORDER SHOWN ABOVE: 1) Kihyun 2) Wonho 3) I.M 4) Minhyuk 5) Hyungwon 6) Jooheon 7) Shownu
A video was also uploaded by Minhyuk today with all the members congratulating Monbebe on Monbebe's first birthday. 《CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Lastly, this hilarious/overwhelming cuteness video was uploaded.

Hahaha These guys are too FUNNY!!!! ♡ Fits them well!! lol


Starship Entertainment was invited to my wedding... Oh wait! I mean to a staff member's wedding. lol
Hahaha do you see someone familiar in the middle of Monsta X!! I mean how can you miss him!! lol #Gunhee !!!!!!!! :D
did...did he just scratch his butt?
When some one asks to teach them about kpop show them the videos that make them look cool, hot, & attractive…then do a complete 360 and let this be first video they see 😏 if they stay you've got a keeper 😊😊
Aaaah yesssss!!!!! 😆😆😆
I'm so in love with these dorks!
Siiii!!!! omo totally died when I saw those pics and before the oath...y now I'm broke pero like I'm still buying both versions of albums 😂😂
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te lo digo que no hace falta...en verdad solo collecto las fotos jaja. pero both version on yesasia. es caro pero han sido bueno con mis ordenes